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Choosing the perfect name

Use these tips to find the best name for your business:

Functional and Audible

Make sure it's easy to spell your business name and that it can it easily be written down and not confused with another brand when heard aloud. You don't want your customers looking for your brand after hearing an advertisement or a friend talk about it and then ending up at a competitor due to confusion or frustration.

Memorable and Original

Your business name should be original and memorable so that your customers remember your brand. Great names are easy to remember and convey important aspects of the business.

Growth with your brand

It's important that your business name can grow with your brand. This means thinking about what your business will look like tomorrow as well as today. For example your business might only sell smoothies today, but if you start selling soups tomorrow "Bob's Smoothies" is not going to be a great name for your business!


Last, and definitely not least, make sure your new business name is not already trademarked or in use by another company. You want to avoid the legal risk and the potential for brand confusion. This is also true for your domain name. Make sure you can get the domain name you want before you choose your new business name.

Clear and Simple

A name that is simple and clear will be easier for people to remember and associate with you business. Keep it short and sweet so it's easy to remember and hard to misspell. If you are trying to decide between a short name and long name, choose the shorter one!

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