Create Your Own Personal Brand Logo And Elevate Your Business

September 21, 2021
Authored by:
Kari Amarnani

Having your own personal brand logo is essential in building your identity as a business and standing out in your chosen industry.

A logo can help establish the face of your personal brand and set it apart from the competition. Your personal brand needs great branding to build a strong foundation— a logo is a massive step in this direction.

Great branding lets you build a connection with your target audience, potentially making them want to engage with you.

A unique and relevant personal brand logo can elevate your business, but more importantly, it provides professionalism and credibility—critical attributes for a business to have from the start. 

Building your personal brand logo boosts trust between you and potential customers, which is vital in creating a bond with them for long-term business growth and brand loyalty. Having loyal customers, in the long run, entails consistent branding and engagements on your part.

Once you build a connection with your audience through effective branding, your brand gets stronger as a whole. A strong logo is a giant step that can help you get there, and with our AI-powered logo maker to assist you, your visual branding needs are pretty much set.

Before we get to that, here are some other steps you should take to make your personal brand stand out from the crowd.

How To Make Your Personal Brand Stand Out

Your personal brand logo is essential, but there are other ways to stand out and build a good and positive reputation in your industry. 

Statistics show that it takes 5 to 7 impressions before people start remembering a brand. When it comes to building your personal brand, being consistent is one of the most powerful things you can do to lead your business to success.

The same study also showed that most personal brands’ number one worry is reputation risks. 88% of brand owners said they explicitly focus on managing reputation risks as a critical business challenge. Again, consistency is a significant factor in avoiding potential brand reputation complications.

Branding is essential, but here are other valuable tips to consider:

  • Do extensive research on your competitors in your industry.
  • Build your brand’s personality, mission, vision, and values.
  • Ensure that your website is transparent about the heart of your brand.
  • Connect regularly with your audience.
  • Offer channels for feedback, comments, etc. and respond consistently.
  • Manage brand priorities accordingly.
  • Be authentic at all times.
  • Provide products and services that resonate with your brand’s mission.
  • Let every business move be in connection with the personality of your brand.
  • Adjust your brand voice accordingly, and stay consistent with your brand tone.
  • Be consistent at every juncture and stage of business.
  • Promote your business on various social media channels.

Your personal brand is something you created from your respective views, missions, and personality. To build your brand and stand out, be authentic with your customers. If you are consistently genuine about your intentions and services, your audience picks up on this and will likely remember you and return.

Most personal brands fixate on the potential for returns and profits, but one crucial aspect is forgotten. Connecting with people is a surefire way to build trust in your brand. Consumers respond to brands that resonate with them personally—never forget that for the sake of your business.

These tips can have customers intrigued by you, but a good branding strategy boosts the professionalism and quality of your online entity as a whole. A logo is the face of your personal brand, and if it’s appealing enough, it can compel people to learn more about you.

We can assist you with getting a logo, a name for your personal brand, and tons of services to help you market your business. Find out how below!

Steps To Create A Personal Brand Logo

Here are six easy steps to get a personal brand logo and ways to promote and market your business with your new visual.

Step 1: Have a relevant and distinctive business name.

Your personal brand name is more for your customers than it is for you. Decide on a name that oozes personality and credibility, so much so that it would compel users to learn more about your brand.

You could either use your name (since it's your personal brand) but if you're looking to brand it a little differently, consider using a business name generator to provide you with a memorable and relevant name along with a gorgeous logo to go with it. 

All you have to do is input 1 to 3 relevant keywords that describe your business and optimize your preferences.

For example, if you’re diving into the coffee industry, try something like this:

Business Name Generator

The tool will generate a ton of names along with potential logo ideas for you to choose from. 

Step 2: Choose your preferred business name.

Business Name Ideas

Browse through the selection of names and choose the one you like the best. Don’t worry about the logo design just yet—you’ll soon get hundreds of different designs to choose from.

Here are a couple of tips for when you choose a great name for your personal brand. Make sure that the name is:

  • Relevant to your services and products
  • Easy to memorize and pronounce
  • Distinctive and unique as possible
  • Recognizable enough to remember it
  • Reflective of you who you are as a personal brand owner

Once you have chosen the right name, click ‘Ideas’ on the upper left of the page to check out hundreds of logo designs for it.

Logo Design Ideas

Step 3: Choose the best logo and customize it.

Every logo you’ll find is customizable according to what you prefer. Find a design that is closest to your ideal personal brand logo and click it to customize it. From here, you can modify its font, colors, icons, spacing—pretty much everything! Don’t stop until it’s perfect.

For example, this is how your personal brand logo can look after customization. The difference is night and day!

Logo Editor

When you start customizing your personal brand logo, keep these tips in mind. Ensure that your logo:

  • Has one or two brand colors at most
  • Contains the colors that best represent your brand
  • Has one or two fonts at most
  • Uses sans serif fonts for their readability
  • Is not overcrowded with too many elements
  • Is a simple yet strong design
  • Looks memorable and professional
  • Has an icon that best represents your personal brand

Customization is important because it reinforces that the design is your own. You are in complete control of the design. Nobody understands your ideal logo as well as you do, and with the help of a professional logo maker, you get to make your vision come alive. Customizing your personal brand logo also helps you stand out from your competitors.

These are the fundamental benefits of logo customization:

  • Aids in standing out from competitors
  • Lets you tap into your creativity
  • Achieves your ideal logo
  • Adds distinction and memorability
  • Helps make brand-specific elements come alive
  • Reinforces that the design is truly yours

Step 4: Add the finishing touches to your logo.

Brand Mockups

If you’re happy with the design, click ‘Preview’ to see how your new logo looks on various platforms and merchandise. If you see any changes you’d like to make, you may backtrack and make adjustments. You will also receive details about the font, color palette, business cards— whatever you need to get your personal brand running.

That’s all it took to get a personal brand logo—four simple steps, and you’re almost at the finish line. Now, all you have to do is choose a package before you show the world your new logo.

Step 5: Choose your payment plan.

You may choose from three logo kits, all of which you can upgrade to the $5/month subscription for tons of services and tools to help in building your brand.

The plan provides you with every service in the logo kit, the option to edit your logo unlimitedly, and a complete brand package, which lets you launch your personal brand in almost no time to spare. Start early and watch your business grow to new heights.

The basic kit is also available for as low as $20, which gives you full ownership of the logo. You can start using it right away! All the logo kits give you complete ownership of your logo, so give it a shot for your personal brand.

Depending on your choice of package, you can get:

  • High resolution and vector images
  • A free domain name
  • The option to edit your logo 
  • A social media kit
  • A website builder
  • Basic PNG files
  • ...and so much more! 

If you need more variety, check out the package plans to determine which would be the best for your business and its needs.

Step 7: Build your personal brand on social media.

Social media is a helpful tool that allows you to promote your brand to the right audiences efficiently. Engagements are essential in building your personal brand. You need to consistently interact with your audience. Having these channels allows you to make bonds and create a lasting impression.

But take note that having successful social media engagements only happens when you have credibility. A way to build credibility in your personal brand is to make your social media presence consistent. 

A social media kit offers this consistency. We offer ready-to-use files for all your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter so that you can get started in no time.

With us, you'll get access to a website builder, which gives you a ton of opportunities for how you would want to use it to build your personal brand. Every business needs a website, and now you have one!

You can also use it for diving into other forms of promotion, such as creating blogs about your journey in starting your own brand—providing tips and tricks to other entrepreneurs while also promoting your business. 

Statistics show that 89% of customers shop with competitors after a poor user experience, so don’t give your competition that edge! Put up a great website for your business.

10 Great Examples Of Personal Brand Logos

Here are ten examples of personal brand logos (using a coffee business) to get your creative engines running:

1. Go for an elegant icon to show that your products and services are sophisticated and state-of-the-art.

2. Want an elegant personal brand logo? This is the one!

3. Show customers that your products do precisely what they’re supposed to, like this energizing icon for a coffee business!

4. Choose your logo colors accordingly! For example, using red for ‘Caffeine’ amplifies its significance as an energy booster.

5. Ah, classic black and white logos. Many brands choose monochrome logos as they can apply to a wide variety of products and services without being put in a box.

6. Who is your target market? If you plan on catering products for women, throw in some pink in your personal brand logo!

7. Green in a personal brand logo represents movement and growth! And aren’t those the same things you want for your business?

8. Blue and white logos are incredibly effective! These are colors that complement each other well and easily stand out. If Facebook can do it, so can you.

9. Minimalist logos never go out of style, and neither should your personal brand. Class and sophistication are present in this simple yet substantial visual.

10. Red is an eye-catching color that signifies strength and energy— and when it works, it works well.

Building A Personal Brand Logo

A logo is the core of your visual branding needs because it builds a foundation between you and your audience. It shows that you care about your business enough to brand it properly and well. 

Compelling logos can ultimately set you apart from other brands, and they can potentially tell users your story with a single glance. 

Give our logo maker a run, and let your story shine through with a beautiful, new logo today. Your personal brand deserves a gorgeous logo to go with it!

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