8 Steps To Create The Perfect Logo - The Ultimate Guide

November 20, 2020
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To build a successful business, you need to think about your brand.

Whether you're building a small local business, or you're starting a solopreneurial venture, or you're on your way to building the next conglomerate--it all starts with building a credible brand.

A strong brand creates instant recognition and helps you identify your customers (existing and potential). The bigger you build your brand, the better opportunities you'll attract for your business.

But just saying, "build a brand" is vague. How do you, exactly, build this trustworthy and robust brand--one that helps your business?

It starts with getting the essential visual elements right, such as your logo.

What is a logo?

Your company logo is one of the first visual elements that your user is exposed to. It's an excellent opportunity to set the tone and start building trust with your clients and customers.

As Milton Glaser, the man behind the internationally renowned - I Love New York graphic/logo, famously said:

"There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW!

Wow, is the one to aim for."

So, when thinking about how to create a logo that'll add value to the business and help build a strong brand, consider these three factors:

  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Memorability

Your logo will be used on multiple platforms, both online and offline, even on your email signature. Therefore, you must design it to keep in mind how it'll translate in all your marketing campaigns and that it doesn't get lost in the crowd.

When it comes to logos, there are generic logos, and then there are great logos--ones that you can identify without their brand name attached to them. For example, can you guess what brand this is?

So, how to create a memorable logo? If you're at the stage of creating a company logo, you're in a position where you can impact how your customers perceive your brand.

And while a logo may seem like a simple task, knowing how to create a "just right" logo and one that helps you build a memorable brand requires a bit of effort.

In this article, we'll go through eight steps on how to create a business logo.

How to create a business logo?

Mentioned below are eight steps for creating a logo for your business--one that is scalable, flexible, and memorable.

Step 1: Start with your brand story.

Businesses need to make money--while that's true, it's not poetic, nor is it emotional enough for your user to engage with you. To truly build a profitable business, you need to sell your story more than your product.

Consumers and marketing have evolved significantly over the years. Today, the customer is more interested in your story than the ten exquisite features of your product. So, what does this mean to you?

Before you start creating a logo, take some time to craft your brand story. The way to do this is to stop thinking about what you do and start thinking about why you do it. The root of your story lies in answering the 'why,' and this gets translated into colours, typefaces, and the overall design of your logo.

Step 2: Study your competitors.

Studying your competitors that fit within your brand guidelines might seem odd in the beginning. However, it could give you a different and unique insight into your industry. When you do thorough competitor research, you begin to understand how they built their brand, where you are in the brand-building process, and how to take things up a notch to exceed customer expectations.

And when it comes to studying competitors, don't get stuck on your immediate list. Study a mix of local, national, and international brands in your space. Understand what they offer and how they communicate their brand.

The more you study, the more you'll be inspired. You'll see billboards, and instead of looking at the message, you'll be observing the typography or the colour combination.

Step 3: Look for inspiration

When looking for inspiration, don't limit yourself to just looking at other logos. While that can be a great starting point, try observing everything around you and soak up all the inspiration you can find.

When you're actively looking for inspiration, you'll find it in some of the most unexpected places. For example, the colour of a flower or a leaf's shape will give you some ideas. You'll start noticing different fonts instead of reading the message, and you'll see how different colours and fonts trigger different emotions.

Once you immerse yourself in the logo design process, you won't even have to look for inspiration--it'll come to you. You'll see certain things and have one or multiple "Aha!" moments. Keep your eyes and your mind open, and soon you'll find the perfect logo.

Step 4: Know what makes for a good logo.

Once you have your brand story and inspiration in place, the next step is to understand the characteristics of a great logo. Knowing how to create a logo that's right according to the design principles and tells a story takes effort. Here are four essential characteristics that every good logo must have:

  • Create a logo that can stand the test of time. You might pick a design that's relevant today but before you put your stamp on it, ask yourself, "will this be relevant ten years from today?" Keep working on the logo until the answer to that question is a solid yes.
  • Create a logo that resonates with your audience. Your logo doesn't necessarily need to have your business name or show your selling product. But it needs to connect with your audience. For this, a detailed study of your target market is necessary.
  • Create a simple logo. Your logo doesn't need to have the most complicated design or ten different colours. The phrase "less is more" is famous for a reason.
  • Create a versatile logo. You'll be using your logo in multiple places--online ads and offline communication. Giant billboards and small business cards. The logo needs to look good in all shapes and sizes.

Step 5: Be mindful about your colour palette and fonts

Your logo will be placed on multiple different backgrounds, which is why you need to think about your colour variations. A good practice is to create a version of your logo for both light and dark backgrounds. This might mean changing the font's colour, or it could also mean changing the colour of your entire logo. Place your logo on various backgrounds to get a fair idea. And if budget allows, put it on t-shirts, mugs, notepads, and a few other items to see how it looks.

Choosing a font is an equally important decision. The font you choose can say a lot about your business. You could either go with serif (with stems on each letter) or sans serif (no stems).

Source: Impactplus

Whichever font you choose, consider steering away from the generic ones such as Times New Roman or Comic Sans or Calibri. These fonts are used everywhere, and they'll do nothing to make your business stand out.

Step 6: Explore logo makers.

Having all the necessary information about what makes an excellent logo is great. However, designing a logo from scratch still isn't that easy, which is why you have logo makers such as logo.com. All you have to do is enter your business name along with a slogan, a tagline, or any other text you think might be relevant and viola! In just a few seconds, you'll get dozens of high resolution, transparent, and black and white logos that are ready to use. You can pick the logo you like and customize its colour, icon, design, font, and more according to your brand guidelines.

And that's not all--the platform also offers website packages and a free domain name with selected packages. In a matter of a few minutes, you'll have your business website along with a brilliant logo up and running.

Step 7: Take a break from your logo

Once you have your final logo ready, step back from it for some time. Don't look at it for a few days. For several days you have been immersed in the process of designing your logo. You'll need to give your mind a break to look at the design from a fresh perspective. When you study your logo again after a few days, you might be able to spot a mistake or an element that could be better-defined.

Step 8: Refine your choice

When you think you've got the final logo ready, share it and seek feedback. This could be from your friends, family, colleagues or your target audience. Check if the logo speaks to them and how they react to it.

One of the essential qualities that you're gunning for is memorability. Do the people who see the logo remember it? Can they associate your brand with your logo?

With this feedback, you can go back to the design and add the final touches to ensure that the logo you have is nothing short of perfect.

In Conclusion

When thinking about how to create a logo, keep these few tips in mind:

  • Don't follow trends. Instead, focus on creating something timeless.
  • Don't get consumed by style. Instead, focus on substance. All style and no substance will not make you memorable.

Your logo is your visual pitch. So make sure it builds some connection with your audience.

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