How To Start A Bakery Business From Home

May 21, 2021
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Can you think of a happy occasion that doesn’t call for a cake?

Be it birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, special holidays, graduation parties--all of these events can use a cake, or some cupcakes, maybe even some croissants. Did someone say cookies?

If you enjoy baking sweet treats for your family and friends, then you could start a bakery business from home. It can be the perfect way to do something that you enjoy and build your business, empowering.

Why Should You Start A Bakery Business From Home - The Benefits

There are multiple reasons why you should consider selling your baked goods from home. Some of them include:

  • It allows you to do what you love - baking.
  • There’s always a demand for yummy sweet treats.
  • You already have the infrastructure (kitchen) and baking knowledge.
  • It allows you to explore your creative expression.
  • You can start selling locally and build a strong customer base over time.

How To Start A Bakery Business From Home

The six tips listed below will give you enough information you need to start a bakery business from home.

1. Make Your Kitchen Business-Ready

If your kitchen is going to be your “office,” it needs to be treated like a business environment. You must have got all the tools and equipment required to bake the treats you plan to sell.

In addition to this, a high level of hygiene is crucial when you’re running a business that involves the selling of home-baked goods. Therefore, be sure that you can keep your pets and other home occupants (like your kids, teens and snacking partners) out to ensure that your kitchen stays clean and hygienic.

2. Build Your Brand

Whether you’re building a small local business or planning to start a country-wide bakery chain, you’ll need to create a brand. This can be as simple as deciding on a brand name, designing a cute bakery logo, and setting up a website.

  • There are many name generators that you can use to find the right name.
  • A sophisticated and nifty logo maker can give you a great logo design. Here are some logo options for a hypothetical bakery called ‘Yum Bakes.’
  • There are various website builders that you can use to set up your website.

Building a brand will add credibility and meaning to your business. All you have to do is make a delicious-looking website, post pictures of your baked goods in the gallery, include an ordering form, share contacts and wait for the sales to come in.

3. Decide What Baked Goods Do You Want To Sell

Food is a tricky business. People have different tastes, and it’s tough to please everyone’s taste buds. For example, even when it comes to baking bread--some prefer wheat bread, while others prefer rye. Some like their loaves gluten-free, while some want it a tad on the sweeter side.

The same applies to other baked goods such as tarts, buns, cupcakes, etc. Some want it to be diabetic-friendly; some like it, extra sweet. The way to decide what baked goods to sell when you start a bakery business from home is to understand your strengths and then study your immediate competitors.

What range of products are they offering? Is there anything on their menu that you can do better? Avoid going for a lengthy menu because execution can be difficult when you’re starting your bakery business from home without much help. Focus on certain specific items to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

4. Create A Storage Area In Your Home

Baking fresh baked goods are just one part of the equation. You also need a storage system to store all your supplies and your products. This is crucial because without a proper plan, your supplies will go bad, and that will affect the quality of your finished products.

For example, you’ll need a refrigerator to store all your dairy products and eggs. You’ll also need safe storage to keep all your finished products in good, hygienic condition and to prevent them from getting damaged.

5. Write Your Business Plan

A business plan is a must for every business, including starting a bakery business from home. Outlining a plan will help you understand your goals, competition, resources, the investment required, and other essential details.

Here are some steps you can follow:

  • Specify what products you’ll be selling and who your key target market is. Is it busy moms, gourmet lovers, or corporations?
  • Determine the approximate profits you plan to make in the first two years. That’ll give you a sense of what to work towards.
  • Calculate your costs--how much will it cost you to bake something, and how much will you sell it for to the customer? Consider keeping at least a 15-20% markup on your bakes.
  • Calculate other expenses such as electricity bills, your website, domain name, logo costs, supplies, labour, delivery, etc.
  • Lastly, be sure to get the help of an accountant to review your business plan. They might give you some valuable advice regarding your tax returns.

6. Promote! Promote! Promote!

You might be baking the best cakes out there, but it won’t matter if no one knows about it. Start promoting your business at least a month or two before the official opening to get potential customers interested and excited.

You can do this both offline and online.

  • Hang posters on shop windows that face crowded streets.
  • Print flyers and distribute them around your neighbourhood.
  • Place your ad in a local newspaper.
  • Is there a Facebook community/group for your neighbourhood? Share a post there.
  • Create an Instagram account and start posting pictures of your baked goods.
  • Create a special promotional offer for the first 50 orders.
  • Create a cool digital poster and ask your friends and family to share it with their social audience.
  • Can you host a small baking class? Invite people in.

Effective marketing is the key to business success. How you get the word out will determine the overall success of your bakery business.

10 Unique Logo Design Ideas For Your Bakery Business

A logo is a crucial element of your business and your brand. Here are 10 unique logo design ideas for a bakery business to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing.

  1. A simple, minimal logo design highlighting the business name.
  1. Using the right icons can add more meaning to your logo design.
  1. Another great example of using shapes and icons in your logo design.
  1. Nothing says cake business like a cake in the logo.
  1. Highlight your uniqueness and skills through your logo design.
  1. Who says you can’t use black for a bakery logo?
  1. Pastel colours combined with a good font and the right icon can significantly enhance your logo design.
  1. Striking the perfect balance between simplicity and style.
  1. Bright colours to highlight the bright personality of your brand.
  1. A logo just as appealing and memorable as your bakes.

Start A Bakery Business From Home Today

Starting a business may seem daunting, but it gets easier once you take the first step. If baking is your passion, then creating a bakery business from home can be a great opportunity as you build and grow your bakery business, order packaging and labels for your baked goods. This is an excellent way further to build your brand and credibility among your target market.

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