What To Keep In Mind When Creating A Brand Logo: Richard Lau Talks To Sarah St. John

November 24, 2021
Authored by:
Kari Amarnani

Sarah St. John, host of the Frugalpreneur podcast, talked with Richard Lau, founder of LOGO.com, about what to keep in mind when creating a brand logo, along with some interesting tips and nuggets about the industry.

An entrepreneur for 29 years, Richard Lau has the scoop on the ins and outs of the logo designing process and has used these findings to build LOGO.com, a logo maker that solves common logo design issues experienced between business owners and designers.

He spills the tea on what it takes to create an effective logo design that ultimately helps you and your business flourish to new heights. 

To learn more about what to keep in mind when designing a brand logo, listen to the podcast here

A Dive Into LOGO.com

LOGO.com has a clear mission to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses quickly and without breaking the bank.

When building his other businesses such as Resume.com (now sold to Indeed.com) and NamesCon (now sold to GoDaddy), Richard faced some common issues with the logo design process. The team at LOGO.com took these issues and ironed them with a logo maker that offer designs that are professional and that work.

With the unified cultivation of:

  • A strong domain name
  • Personal experiences
  • Human designers
  • AI programming
  • Knowledge of the usual back and forth of the design process
  • Analysis of current styles and trends
  • A vast arsenal of over 200 million logos

…you get logo maker that is the pinnacle of logo design.

LOGO.com aims to conveniently guide business owners to have strong and affordable logos without the usual hurdles of the design process. The tool is designed to analyze in real-time the best and most effective logo designs for your needs. 

Simply entering your business name can render hundreds of logos for you to choose from. Don’t be fooled—these are not just designs on standby waiting to be picked. They are a result of analyses and information to optimize the right logos ideally suited for your business. LOGO.com takes all the guesswork out of the equation.

“We have spent a tremendous amount of time making sure that the logos that come out the other end are clean and professional.”

Richard notes that a common problem that occurs when dealing with designers is misplaced intentions. Designers sometimes view their client as the customer, when in reality, the customer’s customer is the customer. The impact of a logo is meant for all who sees it and not necessarily meant for the client themselves.

LOGO.com gives you the opportunity to be creative and precise with your logo design, but not with too much leeway that the intentions behind the visual lose their purpose. There are certain principles that come with designing a compelling logo, and no one can understand your vision as well as you do.

“We don’t just throw you into a version of Photoshop. We want to keep you within the bounds of creativity, professionalism and clear communication.”

Speaking of principles, Richard gets into what to keep in mind when creating a brand logo that helps your business succeed with flying colors.

What To Keep In Mind When Creating A Brand Logo

A logo should express a company’s professionalism and stability with a single look. You only get so much time to make a great first impression, and these tips can push you in the right direction.

1. Prioritize Simplicity

Some business owners, especially startups, tend to think that the more elements crammed in a logo, the more they get to communicate. Alas, that could not be farther from the truth. 

The truth is, people do not spend much time analyzing a logo and its contents, especially with the sheer amount of brands they see daily. It’s important to start strong with a simple design. If you add too many elements to your logo, people may get lost in it and find themselves too overwhelmed to give you a second look.

“The more elements that are in your logo, the smaller they think your company is.”

Richard notes Samsung and Rolex as examples of businesses with effective logos.

Samsung Logo
Designer's pick, September 2021 - Logo of Rolex - Magzoid - Luxury Magazine  Leading the Creative Space of MENA Region | Art, Culture, Business,  Industry Veterans, Fashion, Luxury, Lifestyle
Rolex Logo

The designs are highly simplistic because they communicate stability. Throwing a bunch of elements into your logo defeats the purpose of the design, nor is it feasible for your business, which could move in many different directions.

2. Be mindful of your color choices

Color is one of the most important aspects to consider for your logo design. They have their own world of meaning and interpretations, giving you a discreet yet vital avenue to communicate your personality as a business.

Businesses do not just use their logos online—it is also a branding opportunity in the real world. 

Whether it’s billboards, t-shirts, mugs, your color choices need to work online and offline. LOGO.com has taken this into account by preparing color templates that preserve the readability and versatility of the logo. Though customers are free to alter the colors, it is essential to maintain a contrast for the logo’s readability. 

To learn more, feel free to use this piece on brand colors as a resource for your logo.

3. Choose a readable font

Readability is a critical requirement when choosing a font for your logo. The core of a logo is the business name, and if people are unable to read it, the design falls through the cracks. 

Richard talks about the complications of hard-to-read fonts, stating that when a font is too stylized, it will not be readable, rendering an ineffective logo design. Logos are all about first impressions, and the component you need to shine a light on is your business name. 

“Anyone can design a logo. That’s not the issue. Can you design an effective, useful logo that will help you succeed in your business?”

It is recommended that you avoid overstyling your font unless you absolutely have to. This aspect of your logo has the potential to compromise the design as a whole if done incorrectly. Instead, opt for a simple and modern font that remains readable from every size and direction. 

Bottom Line: Elevate Your Logo To Elevate Your Business

LOGO.com is not just a business—it is a passion project. The ultimate goal is to help people reach success with a logo that effectively communicates precisely who they are at the drop of a hat. 

It does all the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is consider these design tips and let them inspire you to build a compelling logo that intrigues your target audience and makes you proud. 

Ready to design your logo? Get started with our logo maker!
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