20 Great Stay At Home Jobs To Make Money From Home

May 10, 2023

By: Aakash Shewakaramani

20 Great Stay At Home Jobs To Make Money From Home

Thanks to the developments in the early stages of the 2020s, the idea of stay at home mom jobs isn't alien at all. In fact, remote work had grown by 159% over a 12-year period before the 2020s.

The trend is clear; remote work is here to stay, and there are plenty of stay at home jobs that you can pursue!

Key takeaways:

  • Having stay-at-home mom jobs is all about balance. These jobs will grant you time and financial freedom while looking after your beloved kids.
  • Many stay-at-home mom jobs don’t require extensive skills, just valuable labor in industries that are in demand, such as social media, blogging, etc.
  • These are perfect opportunities for stay-at-home moms to pursue a passion while taking care of their children.
  • It’s essential to establish with the employer or client that the work is strictly on a remote basis to avoid complications.
  • Getting to choose your hours is the best asset in having a stay-at-home mom job.

20 stay at home jobs that will make you good money

The best remote work option is something you both like and are good at. There are plenty of options available out there, both in the form of freelance contracts and full-time jobs. If you’re not happy with either option, why not turn entrepreneur and start something new altogether?

You can start a clothing business from home or even put up an Etsy shop to sell homemade items. The opportunities are endless. The best part is that you’ll still get to be around your kiddos as a present mother.

These 20 jobs for stay at home moms are some of the most popular options out there. A lot of these examples are universal enough. So, you can simply add your skills to the picture and pursue them.

1. Write resumes

Every job aspirant looks to create the ultimate job resume to land their dream job. Every resume can benefit from some tweaking and an expert eye to improve its quality. According to one study, each corporate job offer attracts 250 resumes. It proves that the demand for resume writing is always high.

Candidates tend to outsource their resume-writing duties to a professional because of time constraints or because they struggle to make their resume concise and crisp. Employees like adding some visuals to regular resumes.

You could reach out to fresh graduates who are always looking for any help they can get to land their first gig or internship. Since they do not have lofty job experience to carry along, their resume needs to do all the talking. Resume writing can turn into a lucrative stay-at-home mom job.

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2. Blog about your experiences

There are 31.7 million bloggers in the US alone. While the market is saturated, readers are always on the lookout for new perspectives and opinions. This is why blogging and writing have passed the test of time.

It’ll take time and work before you earn an income from blogging through ads or sponsors. Companies will often choose blogs with quality content and a sizable audience.

To stand out in the blogging world, you’ll need to develop and refine your voice. However, the result is a loyal audience that regularly comes back to your blog to read something they can’t find elsewhere.

3. Do graphic design work

With a few soft skills in design, you could work up an income that would surprise you. The average wage for designers can be around $20 per hour. It can vary depending on the experience you bring to the table. An eye for design and knowledge of design software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator can open up a range of opportunities.

Since it is a stay-at-home mom job, you can take up small individual projects and test the waters. Graphic design can be an engaging job because you may have to deal with real-time edits and constant feedback. Measure how it affects your life before putting yourself wholly out there. If you love designing but lack the skills, portfolio, or experience to create an impact, check out this boot camp that introduces you to all things graphic designing.

4. Become a virtual assistant for an entrepreneur

One of the best stay at home mom jobs can be becoming a virtual assistant. The organization and attention to detail that you develop as a parent come in handy as a VA.

Entrepreneurs and business people are often on the lookout for VAs on a contract basis, who can schedule their calls and meetings and bring organization to their work.

5. Create and sell crafted items

Some new moms invest their time in learning crafts and handiwork. So, why not turn this into a source of income? There are several websites and e-commerce portals where you can sell your work and make a handsome profit. Creating and selling crafts is among the more popular stay-at-home mom jobs.

Selling craft items is a great way to earn money while doing what you love. Handicrafts have a longer shelf-life and can stay in your inventory longer, reducing the pressure of selling these items quickly.

Take several photographs of the things you create. Be descriptive about what you do and what it represents. Price your items reasonably and pick the right marketplace to sell them. With this effort and a pinch of good luck, your home business could soon become the talk of the town.

6. Tutor people online

Online education has become commonplace in everyday homes in recent years. You can leverage your degree, knowledge, or skill set and create lessons online.

The best part is that you can do this all for free. Depending on your class size, you may simply need Google Meets, Zoom (or another free video calling service). It’s as simple as that!

7. Design websites

Not everyone is a website designer. But everyone can become one. From people to businesses to causes, everything requires an online residence today, and what better digital real estate can one ask for than a website?

If you have the skills as a website developer:

  • Reach out to networks where website design gets discussed
  • Find and publish on platforms like Behance
  • Upload your work on platforms like ThemeForest
  • Update yourself with new design styles, designing software knowledge, and tools
  • Find partners for content writing, image touch-up, and coding to increase the size of your project scope and charge higher fees

Be ready to factor in longer hours than you scope for because incorporating feedback and numerous iterations is commonplace for any website project.

8. Become a freelance writer for brands

Unlike with a blog, freelance writing can be a great option to use your skills and earn money immediately. There are plenty of ways to become a freelance writer. You can ghostwrite a novel, write a script, author an article, or become a copywriter!

There’s written content everywhere, from social media to billboards. Brands are always on the lookout for someone who can communicate effectively. If this is your strong suit, then freelance writing may be for you.

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9. Be a customer care representative

Because of the pandemic and endless lockdowns, the number of home-based customer service representatives went up. Today, there are more opportunities for remote customer care representatives than ever before. This high-performance stay-at-home mom job requires you to follow basic guidelines and processes.

Your work hours will depend on the organization you represent. You could earn as much as $20 per hour in this role. A significant advantage of taking up a remote customer service representative or remote support job is fixed work hours. Some organizations also offer you the opportunity to work overtime to make extra money.

Before accepting the role, be prepared to deal with unpleasant customers. Research the company and what its former employees have to say about it.

10. Create social media content

If done right, social media creation can be one of the most rewarding stay at home mom jobs. Many businesses require proper social media branding to express their brand identity and personality online, so the demand is definitely there.

What makes this so appealing is that you can create the kind of content you like. If you’re into robotics, there’s an audience for you.

If you like cooking, there’s an audience for that. If you’re a biker mom, there’s an audience for that. If you want to create content with your kids, there’s an audience for that. Look at Chef Kobe — he and his parents are doing all right on social media, to say the least.

11. Proofread written work

Non-writers may feel uncomfortable in a second language, or someone might need a second opinion on their work. This is where a proofreader comes in. You not only gauge the grammar errors but also tell your customers whether their writing communicates effectively.

Think of yourself as the ‘test audience’. You give a piece of writing the greenlight (or not) and suggest fixes.

12. Start a small business from home

If you’re the enterprising kind, then creating a business from home might not be such a bad idea. Running a business is a full-time gig. This is why you might want to start off small and understand the time constraints.

The biggest perk with this option is the amount of control you have. You are starting your own business, meaning you get to be in charge of your hours, effort, and time management. You can even start by baking cakes and pastries while the kids are asleep and set up your own bakery business.

It takes daily motivation to run a small business. There are going to be setbacks, but if you have a true passion for this venture, you owe it to yourself to give yourself the best of both worlds.

13. Babysit children

Babysitting can be one of the easiest stay at home mom jobs for you. You can use your experience with your children and translate it for others as well, right? It might not be as straightforward as that.

Every child is unique, and taking care of even more children can become quite hectic. Bonding and building trust will take time and will come with their ups and downs. Things can also get complicated if you babysit from your home. Your kids may or may not get along well with the children you’re babysitting.

However, if you enjoy the day-to-day responsibilities of being a mom, babysitting might be worth a shot.

14. Do data entry for a solopreneur

If Excel is your thing, then freelance data entry might be a great job for you. Excel tips, tricks, and hacks get a lot of views online, and for a good reason. Most people don’t know how to use these softwares to their full potential. You can even get acquainted with certain startup tools to give you an extra edge and establish credibility in the field.

These softwares can be especially daunting for solopreneurs. Managing a whole business is a task in itself, and data entry can make it even more complicated. So, why not use your spreadsheet wizardry to help some solopreneurs out?

15. Edit photos & videos for smaller brands

Almost everyone in the world has a photo or video editor with them. How? Most smartphones come with basic editing tools. While Photoshop and the big non-linear editors are still the industry standard, you don’t necessarily need to use them.

Most brands are looking for social media posts and basic designs that can be done on your phone as well. You can invest a little money into premium editors, take some time to learn them, and monetize this skill.

This can be quite rewarding, as stay at home mom jobs go. Seeing your designs and edits online (and showing them off to your kids) can be quite cool.

16. Consider bookkeeping

If your prowess is managing and organizing data meticulously, then bookkeeping could be an ideal stay-at-home mom job to take up. Instead of recruiting an entire department for financial transactions and accounts, business owners hire freelance agents to do the task.

Bookkeeping can be a more relaxing stay-at-home mom job because the work is predictable. It requires some prior experience in accounting. You will need an eye for detail and be comfortable with numbers and calculations. You can connect with your clients and partners remotely and keep all communication via email.

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17. Transcribe audio into text

If you are patient and have a penchant for typing, then a transcribing job could be worth considering. For a stay-at-home mom, transcribing is convenient and stress-free, as you have little to no engagement with third parties. The job involves listening to and transcribing audio into text.

It may seem easy, but it isn’t always so. Spoken language is different than written language. If you are transcribing for a book, blog, or article, you will have to omit some words and work on the sentences to make them sound more coherent.

You can also be a transcriber for law enforcement services. Most of these audio files will be part of criminal investigations and verbal communications between different parties. As a transcriber, you have to capture every word spoken verbatim. While this could present you with some intriguing case knowledge, it can also be highly stressful and triggering at times.

18. Be a sales representative

Remote sales representatives are not uncommon today, thanks to lockdowns that decentralized sales functions for several companies. As a sales representative, you will maintain customer relationships, sell, up-sell, and find new customers to increase your base.

Most sales models work on a commission basis, so, while you receive your fixed fee for the hours you put in, the amount you earn in commissions is proportional to the amount of business you bring in. If you are a great conversationalist, driven enough to hustle, and have negotiation skills, then this is a perfect job for you.

19. Improve lives by coaching

Life coaches are on the rise as the options available to individuals are increasing rapidly. Coaches help individuals identify their goals, the purpose they seek, and what makes them happy. With these parameters, coaches define the path these individuals need to take to achieve their goals.

This stay-at-home mom job can be beneficial as it equips you with life skills such as counseling, mentoring, and charting career paths for individuals. You could take up this profession if you are driven and motivated.

Here are the 7 best life coaching programs you can begin.

20. Be a virtual stylist

If fashion fascinates you, then you could make a killing with it as an online stylist. A decade ago, the idea of a stylist consulting you online would have been unreal. But the internet is now the favorite residence for fashion-forward individuals.

You will receive a picture of your clients and their vital statistics. Stylists use online tools to suggest different looks that they deem appropriate for their clients. Online stylists can do anything from rehauling an entire wardrobe to dressing up an individual for a particular event.

What are the benefits of pursuing stay at home mom jobs?

Kids can be a handful. While most children aren’t like Dudley Dursley from Harry Potter, they still require attention and care.

At first glance, it may seem like taking up another job can become extremely hectic. However, there are plenty of advantages that stay at home mom jobs can offer.

1. You get paid

Taking care of children is quite rewarding. However, it does not pay. With proper time management, you can ace the mom role, as well as the stay at home mom jobs. The latter will bring in additional income. You can use this for yourself or your kids’ futures, such as a college fund.

In fact, according to a recent study, the median income for a stay at home parent is $178,201.

2. You get to pursue your passion

There are plenty of stay at home mom jobs out there. So, rather than doing what an office or a company needs you to do, you can pick up what you like. You can essentially turn your hobby into a full-time gig. The gig economy is booming, and if there’s an audience for it, there is a demand for it.

3. You get to choose your hours

While this system is changing, we are still a ways from when flexible hours at full-time jobs become the norm. If you take up stay at home mom jobs, you get to decide your own level of commitment, hours, and workload you want to take up. Some jobs for stay at home moms are full-time. However, that choice is yours and yours alone.

Frequently asked questions about stay at home mom jobs

What are some commonly asked questions about stay at home mom jobs? Get your questions answered with these three FAQs.

1. How much should a stay-at-home mom make?

The average hourly wage for child daycare services is $13.31, according to the Labor Department. A stay-at-home mom earning the equivalent income for child care would earn $35 per day for an average of 2.63 hours spent caring for her children.

2. Do kids do better with stay-at-home moms?

Children who have a parent who remains at home may fare better academically. According to one study, 10th-grade children who had a parent stay at home when they were young outperformed those who had working parents who worked away from home during early infancy. So yes, take this as a win-win situation!

3. Is it cheaper for me to be a stay-at-home mom?

Yes. You get to be the one to care for your baby while you stay at home, and you don't have to pay for daycare. Child care fees are high and can reach thousands of dollars, depending on how many kids you have. Many parents discover that being a stay-at-home mom is less expensive by avoiding daycare and gaining the flexibility for remote jobs.

How do I start my journey?

The above list of jobs for stay at home moms isn’t exhaustive. You could create a list of 100 jobs and even that wouldn’t be enough. The truth is, there is a need for almost every kind of skill online.

From writing stories to outright composing music, if you’re skilled, you can monetize it. Being a parent complicates your choices, but the boundaries and amount of commitment are completely up to you.

So, you choose something you’re good at and give it a shot!

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