Branding Fix: 10 Places You Forgot To Put Your Brand Logo On

October 14, 2021

By: Kari Amarnani

Branding Fix: 10 Places You Forgot To Put Your Brand Logo On

So, you’ve got a stunning logo in your hands, and it’s time to show the world the power of your brand logo. The world is vast though, where do you even start? Once your brand logo is ready to go, there are many places that would welcome it aside from your standard website placement.

Your brand logo is the face of your business, and you don’t want to keep it on the bench—you want to feature it in all the ways and places that would eventually increase your brand recognition.

Having a logo is not enough, you need to consistently send it out into various public realms, telling the world that you are good and ready for business. If you’re consistent enough with the release of your brand logo, it becomes a unifying symbol of everything you do for your business.

The key is to place it in mediums where your target audience can find and remember it. If the logo gets enough exposure, chances are, people will think about you every time they see it.

10 Places Shouldn't Forget To Put Your Brand Logo On

Your branding efforts deserve to go unwasted, so here are ten places you can put your brand logo to maximize its visibility:

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1. Email signature

An email signature is a great way to showcase your brand logo every time you send an email, which reminds them of you and your branding elements.

Do you want to add your brand logo to your email signature? We offer this feature in our subscription plan, allowing you to choose from different formats and convenient ways you can have your logo in your email in no time at all.

Your brand logo in your email signature is a subtle boost of professionalism and memorability in ways you don’t even have to try so hard to achieve. All you have to do is send an email! Plus, it gives you an edge of credibility, helping you stand out from all the rest.

2. Business cards

Don’t underestimate the power of your brand logo on a business card. It’s a physical representation of your business and its branding. Every time you give it out, a little piece of your brand is out into the world.

If your logo is strong, feel free to set aside an entire side of the business card just for it! It allows people to digest the design easily, and if it’s appealing enough, they may flip the card and check out your contact details.

3. Stamps and stickers

Do you have a high frequency of products and packaging rolling out? If you customize packing tape with your logo, it essentially becomes a part of every package you send to people. And with a stamp of your logo, you can officialize any informal document with your seal.

Don’t hesitate to give out sticker singles, too! People can stick them on their laptops, notebooks, cases, etc. This makes them remember you, and it allows anyone who sees it to learn about you.

4. Every social media platform

Great visuals are a significant aspect of social media, so much so that an awesome logo could compel viewers to check out your business. Social media branding is also a useful link to engagements between you and your audience, so not only will your brand logo give you a great first impression, but it’s also going to tell users your story.

If your business is active on social (which it should be), ensure that your brand logo is included in almost everything you do. If you’re consistent enough with it, the visual will remain in people’s minds.

It may be challenging to curate your logo for every social media platform and purpose, but alleviates this hassle by providing a social media kit containing ready-to-use files for all your social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

This makes your social media presence consistent and allows you to launch your social personas in no time.

5. Company website and blogs

Having your brand logo on your website is a given, but don’t limit yourself by having it simply on your homepage. Let your brand logo be a part of the About Us page, your missions, story, and bio—everywhere it would be even remotely relevant.

The two most common places for a logo in a website are usually in an upper corner of the main page and a favicon, but you can do more for your business.

If you don’t have a company blog yet, start one! Every content piece that you release is an opportunity for more visibility, and what’s on every blog? Your logo. Your brand will get exponentially more exposure, and so will your logo.

6. Favicon

Are you reading this interesting article on your desktop? Look up at the browser tab, and you’ll find a little icon of the brand—that is called a favicon, and it is a type of icon logo.

If you have a company website, you likely have a favicon, too. But here’s the catch: if you have a small business, you don’t want a favicon that leaves too much to the imagination.

For example,’s favicon says “logo,” which is an excellent way for new and potential customers to learn about the business, even if they’re on a blog post. If it were a simple “L,” it wouldn’t raise as much brand recognition. So put as much of your logo in your favicon as possible, and not just a simple icon to wonder about.

7. Products and merchandise

Let’s say you have an eCommerce business or any brand that ships out products and packages to customers daily. Don’t underestimate the power of having your brand logo on every single product. It reinforces your branding in every buying experience.

Think of the most visible areas of your products, and consider incorporating your brand logo there. Take fashion lines, for example. Handbags and wallers have the brand logo at the front, sometimes even being used for clasps. It’s an edge of visibility for your business, giving people who see these products an idea about you.

It’s not going overboard with branding—it’s expected! So go for it.

8. Promotional giveaways

As a business, there will be many opportunities for you to be out in the world sharing your expertise—events, organizations, campaigns, outreaches, and so much more. It doesn’t hurt one bit to provide guests with some giveaway to give them something to remember.

You can customize your brand logo on keychains, mugs, hats, lanyards, pens, tote bags, etc. Whatever you prefer! They may use it frequently, making them remember you, and anyone who sees it will learn about you. Win-win!

9. Stationary and envelopes

When you add your brand logo to envelopes and letters, you’re saying, “I’m a credible and legitimate business.” Use a black and white version of your logo (which you should already have with you for the sake of brand versatility) on these mediums so they’re readable.

In fact, you can include any variety of your logo on your envelope, even the colored ones. It’s all a matter of preference. As long as it’s there and legible, then great!

10. Forms and invoice reports

Remember to add your brand logo to every receipt and invoice for all sales and transactions, especially after a successful customer experience. If they’re happy with the services, it reminds them who gave them such a favorable buying journey.

If you do this consistently, every distribution form leaves a strong impression, and customers may likely come back to such a professional business with effective branding materials. Who knows, you could see some future investments in the long run. Customers always come back to companies that put serious effort into their branding.

Once you have figured out all your logo variations, you can use every format on their respective mediums stated above, leading to great exposure for your brand logo.

One of the most important things you can do for your brand is to tell a consistent visual story. Sooner or later, these logos will have a place in your audience’s mind.

Your brand logo is not meant to merely take up space—use it for every opportunity to communicate your business’s heart and goals.

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