Business Card Designs - Seal The Deal With These Ideas

April 26, 2022
Authored by:
Kari Amarnani

Great business card design ideas can help remind people of the time they first encountered you—and if executed well, it will encourage them to get in touch with you and check out your services. The card itself is a physical reminder, but its design is the grip that pulls them in.

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, 72% of people judge a company or a person based on the quality of their visiting cards. Almost every business owner out there has their own personal business card, but how many of these designs are actually effective?

Many design principles go into constructing a visiting card—even the simple concept of negative space can make or break a design. It’s all about knowing what to add and retain, elements coming together for a strong, eye-catching, and unified message. Most importantly, it needs to represent you.

Are you a bold risk-taker? Go with bright pops of colors. Are you minimalistic and practical? Go for a simple yet substantial visual. Are you organized and professional? Go with a clean design to communicate that. 

Whichever route you choose, your business card needs to have these fundamental elements:

It may be intimidating to incorporate many elements yet keep the visual easily readable and exciting, but it’s absolutely doable. You’re in total control of your creativity here—what matters the most is representing yourself in a way that you feel the most confident.

In fact, millennials have been trailblazing the realms of innovation, coming up with new standards and trends for business card design ideas. That ordinary cardboard card may be a classic, but the truth is, it’s also been done to death. It may no longer suffice in meriting a “Wow! I need to check this person out.” 

But an extraordinary and unique design can.

Why Do Business Cards Work

Business cards work for various reasons – one of the biggest being they're a physical reminder of you and your business. When someone meets you and exchanges visiting cards, the transaction will make it more likely for them to remember you and your business. Business cards are also a good way to keep track of your growing network. You can file them away in a contact management system or keep them in a cardholder.

Business cards are a valuable marketing opportunity and having a good one with your business name and logo on it can go a long way in building brand awareness. If you’re a new business and searching for ways to get your name out there, start by leaving your visiting cards.

Should You Use Business Cards For Your Business

Business cards are a must if you’re starting a business or building a brand. If your answer to the following questions is yes, then you should design a custom visiting card today.

Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to get in front of potential clients?

Do you want to leave lasting impression and become memorable?

Do you believe in the importance of having a network and want a good way to keep in touch with them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should get your visiting cards right away! They are a great marketing tool and an easy and affordable way to get your name and information in front of potential clients.

Start by leaving business cards everywhere you go. You might be surprised by how effective they are.

Business Card Design Ideas

These days, millennials have a particular flair for style in coming up with creative business card message ideas—some of which possess characteristics one could only dream of! 

For example, Pure Metal Cards is a business that caters to business owners looking to adopt a metal visiting card. It’s truly an out-there idea, but it’s a perfect example of innovation that can grab the attention of many people. These are the kinds of ideas that millennials go for out-of-the-ordinary designs, a far cry from the expected. 

For millennials, the purpose of a great visiting card is to leave people with an artistic impression and explanation of who they are. Usually, the information is vague but innovative enough to leave room for the imagination, inclining receivers of the card to learn more and initiate a conversation.

With the business card design ideas for millennials, the goal is to evoke a genuine reaction instead of simply circulating their identities. It’s about making people stop in their tracks and wonder what exactly brings them so far from the norm and how they incorporate this creativity into their business.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the design for business cards need to be too far-fetched and overboard with a shockingly artistic style. It just needs to be a powerful and symbolic representation of a cutting-edge business owner brimming with ideas. It also doesn’t mean that simplicity is out of style as long it keeps the core visions intact, that’s all that matters.

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How To Design A Good Business Card

There are many business cards out there, so you want yours to be eye-catching and memorable, something that makes someone take a second look and want to keep it with them. Good business card design should also include exactly the right amount of information — not too much, not too little —and be able to be read at a quick glance.

Keep the following tips in mind to get a great visiting card design:

  • Keep all your key copy at least 5mm from the trim edge.
  • Work at 300dpi for best image reproduction.
  • Design in CMYK unless you’re working exclusively with spot colours.
  • Provide a bleed as specified by your printer. This is commonly 3mm, but can be 5mm, so make sure to check.
  • Use special finishes such as foil blocking, spot-UV and metallic inks.
  • Find a way to recycle old visiting cards

Be creative and check out these five business card ideas below will help you design a spectacular card for yourself.

5 Business Card Design Ideas

Great business card designs can make a great first impression. Here are five best business card ideas for entrepreneurs and freelancers to make their mark:

1. Play with texture

Next to the design, the texture of the cards brings out the most obvious reaction in recipients— and there are a ton of choices to choose from. You can go with eco-friendly options, velvet, lamination, soft cotton, and unique spins to the traditional cardboard textures. 


Some selections may be on the pricey side, but it does show clients that you take your work seriously enough to put in the time and investment. You can even consider using plastic, which is a highly durable texture with a modern twist. 

Your choice of texture should represent you, just as every element of the visiting card should— so go crazy and play around with what seems intriguing and exciting. Experiment with different textures, ask for feedback and give them out as a test run to see people’s response to it. Soon enough, you’ll get insight into the best option for you.

2. Go bold with colors

Studies show that a potential customer is more likely to keep a colored business card ten times longer than a standard monochrome one.


Nowadays, visiting cards are packed with color for that added oomph, grabbing the attention of anyone who sees it. It’s also a great way to communicate who you are and the emotions you want to evoke in people.

Is your business a daycare facility? Go with soft, pastel colors. Is it a gym? Go with bright, electrifying colors. Take a dive into what your business represents, and let the colors speak for you. 

You can also pull the focus to yourself: what color represents you as a business owner? Are you a creative oozing with unique ideas? Incorporate some purple into the cards. Are you joyful and happy-go-lucky? Bring in some yellow! The opportunities in the realm of brand color are endless.

A little tip? Gradient and metallic colors in business cards have been trending lately— they’re unique options sure to set you apart if you’re looking for a wow factor. 

3. Remember your authenticity

When you run a business, it’s also helpful to remind people that you are also a person who just wants to help society and make lives easier. Instead of taking on a corporate approach to the design, present yourself in the perspective of your mission.

For the longest time, business owners have opted for a business card design that speaks to what the business is all about to some extent, that is useful. But millennials respond to artistry, creation, and emotion, so consider ditching the overtly professional visual designs and opt for a more authentic and personal feel.

You can do this by including hand-drawn illustrations, doodles, and down-to-earth visuals. Not only is it humble and endearing, but it also gives your visiting card a unique and customized look that speaks to who you are. 


Bringing in an air of authenticity to your business card design ideas shows others that you put real time and effort into everything you do. Don’t worry if you’re not a professional artist— it’s the imperfection that makes something real. It wouldn’t hurt to get some help with the finishing touches, of course!

4. Transition to dual-side designs

Retire the one-sided card. Your brand is multi-faceted, and you have more to offer than a simple and ordinary design characteristic. Dual-side visiting card designs have been getting traction for years now, and you can use this practice to include unique styles in the way you present yourself.

You can use one side for a stunning, minimalistic approach and the other for a vibrant twist of colors. Feel free to divide your business information in the way that suits you the best. It’s all a matter of preference and understanding the highlights of your brand.


If you feel like your logo is strong enough to steal the show, use up one whole side for it. If you want to emphasize your business name the most, use it on one side with the rest of your information on the other. Dealer’s choice!

5. Consider pop culture elements

Millennials grew up in a time when pop culture dominated the media and society. Bring in the essence of what it means to be a millennial with fantastic pop culture references bound to inspire fun and excitement. 


Crazy cartoons, funky patterns, bold and solid color schemes—it’s hard for these elements not to catch eyes and evoke an air of freedom and creative liberation. The designs are rich in color and detail, showing people that you are an out-of-the-box thinker willing to go the unconventional yet creative route.

Innovative business card ideas entail going where one would be hesitant to go but these are exactly the things that stand out and set you apart from the sea of traditional cards you see everywhere. Say goodbye to dull visuals, and hello to exciting designs.

Designing Your Business Cards

There are various ways for you to design your visiting card. If you have design skills then you can design them yourself. Another option would be to hire a graphic designer or a design agency to design your cards. While these are good options they aren't feasible all the time. Not to mention, how expensive they are.

When you design a logo using our logo maker, you get access to our very own graphic design platform called Stitch. What this means is you can get every other branding and marketing collateral designed on one platform. Your dashboard will give you access to ready-to-use business card templates with your logo already added to it.

Business Card Builder

All you have to do is customize the card by adding your business and contact information, download the card, and send it to the printers.

Customize Your Business Card

How To Use Business Cards

Tips on how to get the most out of your visiting cards:

Hand them out

Be liberal with who you give your business cards to. Give them to anyone and everyone you meet. You never know when someone might need your services, so it’s good to be around when they're thinking about what you have to offer.

Drop them everywhere

Drop your visiting cards in places where people will see them, like restaurant tables, store windows, or community bulletin boards.

Get creative

Use the design ideas mentioned above to get creative with your business cards and make them more memorable. For example, use unique shapes, sizes, or materials. You can even include a QR code or an exclusive discount or coupon on your visiting card to encourage people to get in touch with you.

The Importance Of Business Card Design Ideas

Business card design ideas refuse to be a thing of the past. This branding collateral is an essential tool in the world of networking, allowing collaborators and potential clients to remember and keep in touch with you.

To millennials though, visiting cards are more than just designs and words on a slate. It’s the artistic expression of who they are. It’s how they plan to make their mark on the world and the innovation that lies behind this mission. 

These are business card design ideas that will surely have people excited to get in contact with inspired minds.

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