6 Tips To Create The Best Wordmark Logo Design + 5 Examples

January 27, 2023

By: Gareth Mankoo

6 Tips To Create The Best Wordmark Logo Design + 5 Examples

Not all logos have a mnemonic or graphic to represent them. Some are just plain words, albeit written in stylized fonts. Even at the heart of the digital age, with brands embracing minimalism, logos have taken on a life of their own.

From luxury to tech, automobiles to financial institutions, wordmark logos are gradually emerging into the mainstream.

What is a wordmark?

A wordmark logo is a type of logo design that is composed primarily of text, typically using a specific typeface or font. The text used in a wordmark logo is often the name of the company or organization the logo represents. Examples of well-known wordmark logos include Coca-Cola, Facebook, and FedEx.

Source: Kaejon Misuraca // Modus
Source: Kaejon Misuraca // Modus

A wordmark logo is created for a specific purpose. It is a misconception that creating a wordmark logo requires less effort.

It takes several tries to get the design of a wordmark logo right. What design, you ask? Coming up with the right typeface that matches your brand's personality is no small feat.

Some may argue that it is more challenging to create a wordmark logo since it doesn’t have a supporting graphical element in the lockup. The word has to come off as a design, a descriptor, and an emblem for the brand in one go.

Sounds like a lot, huh? Not to worry, because LOGO.com offers the best free wordmark logo designs that will knock your socks off. You have the option to design a logo without an icon and choose from our vast collection of dynamic and quirky fonts.

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Click the image to customize this logo

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Before deciding whether a wordmark logo suits your brand, you must be sure of your intent. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

You could pick a wordmark logo because you love how minimalistic and no-nonsense it appears. Or you would be inspired by more prominent brands that use a wordmark and may want to replicate their style.

You should consider three absolutes before choosing to use a wordmark logo. Treat these three tenets as the guiding principles for picking a wordmark logo.

1. You have a short and unique business name

A short business name looks excellent on a wordmark logo, which is why Zara looks so good when printed in embossed gold on any surface. It is short and impactful. Longer brand names with tedious stories need a visual mnemonic to support them.

2. You have a distinctive typeface you want to show off

Wordmark logos are anticlimactic when regular or open fonts are used. Eventually, it is nothing but a word written stylishly. So, why not give it a unique font that the world has never seen?

Doing this will make your logo stand out from the rest and not be mistaken as the headline of another brand’s ad. A unique typeface also makes your brand more memorable.

3. You plan to have the logo on different mediums

Visually cumbersome logos have a challenge fitting different mediums. The leaner a logo, the easier it gets to adapt and adopt it for more formats. Your logo is a wordmark on plain surfaces, such as t-shirt designs, flags, letterheads, and more, if it is a wordmark with a distinct typeface.

How to design the perfect wordmark: 6 tips

Did you notice the word “design” above? Are you wondering why a designer simply needs to type out a word? Wordmark logos are more than just regular typefaces. Frequently, they are derived from specially created typefaces with an element or two that is stylized.

Here are six handy tips to guide you in creating a wordmark logo that will create a definitive impact.

1. Find the right font

Source: Venngage
Source: Venngage

As a wordmark, your logo’s success will be defined by its font. Legibility is crucial because you do not have a designed element or emblem to complement your brand logo. Choose a font that is easy to read, has well-spaced characters, and suits your brand's personality.

2. Communicate with color

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

A wordmark logo may not give you the advantage of a graphical element, but you could use color to denote the critical aspects of your brand. Google’s logo has undergone several changes, but its colors have immortalized it.

The colors are so impressive that even if you see empty squares arranged horizontally in this color sequence, you are instantly reminded of Google.

3. Utilize white space appropriately

When you have the right font, you will find white spaces or negative spaces in your logo that can add impetus to an alphabet or digit.

Source: VIA Rale Canada
Source: VIA Rale Canada

The Via Rail logo cleverly uses the negative spaces between alphabets to denote a railway line. The logo has served as an inspiration for several branding teams to do something that makes use of fonts and negative spacing in an exciting way.

4. Play with shapes

Shapes play an important role in creating a visually pleasing and memorable wordmark logo. They can be used to add emphasis to specific letters, create a sense of movement or balance, and convey a certain mood or message.

For example, a circle shape can convey a sense of unity and wholeness, while a triangle shape can convey a sense of stability and structure.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

YouTube’s logo is a wordmark, but it also had a unique touch. The logo added a box around the word "Tube" to symbolize a screen. This shape added a dramatic element to the logo, which would have been relatively flat and lacking character had it not been present. The red color of the box became the brand’s primary color.

5. Experiment with backgrounds

Source: Pink Lemonade
Source: Pink Lemonade

Background colors aren’t prohibited when designing a wordmark logo. You can have fun by inscribing your brand’s name against different canvas colors. As long as the colors are well-contrasted and the text is readable, you can get away with any combination you prefer.

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6. Consider a character feature

Some wordmark logos add a touch of character to an alphabet or a digit. Character features in a wordmark can play an important role in creating a visually pleasing and memorable logo that effectively communicates the brand's identity and values.

They can be used to add emphasis to specific letters, create a sense of movement or balance, and convey a certain mood or message.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Vans boasts one of the most recognizable logos in the world of footwear. What sets the logo apart, aside from the fact that it is a wordmark logo, is the line that extends from the “V” in the brand name. It depends on the font you pick and how much flexibility you have to play with characters based on your industry.

5 famous wordmark logos and why they’re successful

Many marketers believe that true creativity lies in the graphical element of logos. In truth, you are more creative when you have less room to play. The world’s most famous brands have boldly opted to have wordmark logos. As a result, they have created minimal, effective emblems for their brands.

Here are five of the most iconic and exemplary wordmark logos that are instantly recognizable.

1. Facebook

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Facebook wordmark is a simple yet highly recognizable logo that features the company's name written in blue lowercase letters. The design of the wordmark is clean and minimal, with the letters arranged in a sans-serif font.

The use of blue is associated with trust and reliability, which aligns with the brand's mission of connecting people and building community.

The wordmark has undergone some changes over the years, with slight adjustments made to the font and spacing of the letters. However, the overall design has remained consistent and recognizable, which has helped to establish the brand's visual identity.

2. FedEx

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The FedEx logo stands for Federal Express. Designed by Landor Associates in 1994, the logo experimented with color and spacing. Both words are inscribed in the iconic purple and orange, making them the brand’s key colors.

The logo uses the gap between “E” and “X” in an exciting way to create an arrow that points forward, reiterating the brand’s claim to be in forward motion. There is no space between the “D” and the “E” even though both letters are of a different color.

3. Coca-Cola

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Coca-Cola wordmark is one of the most recognizable logos in the world, featuring the company's name written in bold, red cursive letters. The design of the logo is intended to convey a sense of energy, excitement, and refreshment, which aligns with the brand's mission of providing consumers with a delicious and refreshing drink.

The Coca-Cola logo is proudly 135 years old, having changed its font and form in only one year. The brand is recognizable across generations and is a tribute to the art of creating wordmark logos. The tail of the first “C” in the name sets the character for the logo, making the font well-loved and accepted.

4. Stripe

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Stripe logo is a simple and minimalistic design that features the company's name written in purple lowercase letters. The letters are arranged in a custom sans-serif font with some slight variations in the width and spacing of the letters, which gives the logo a unique and modern look.

The use of purple in the logo gives it a sense of professionalism and reliability, which aligns with the company's mission of providing a secure and reliable platform for online payments.

5. LinkedIn

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Like most successful social media branding, LinkedIn developed a unique wordmark that used two colors, a clean font, and a unique shape. One of the most important characteristic of the wordmark is the use of a makeshift icon that appears next to the wordmark.

The stylized "in" created with a combination of squares and circles serves as a visual cue that helps to make the logo more memorable. The “in” is intended to symbolize the concepts of connection and community. Being a professional network, LinkedIn has maintained a well-rounded logo with a sans-serif font that’s easily legible in all its derivations.

Frequently asked questions about wordmark logos

What are some commonly asked questions about creating a wordmark logo? Get your questions answered with these three FAQs.

1. What is a wordmark in a logo?

A logo of this type features only the company name with no additional graphics. A wordmark is an effective tool for rapidly growing brand recognition as it incorporates the company name into the logo design. The audience is more likely to remember the brand after hearing it repeatedly.

2. What is the difference between a lettermark and a wordmark logo?

Wordmark logos are a good option for a well-established business or product that wants to broaden its customer base. The text in a lettermark logo serves to create a distinctive typographic symbol. A company's logo may, for instance, simply be its initials, rendered in a special font or pattern. These initials will serve as the brand's logo moving forward.

3. Can you trademark a wordmark logo?

Yes! A trademark is your brand, and it can be anything from a single word or phrase to an image, symbol, or a combination of these things. It serves to differentiate your company's offerings from those of the competition.

Bottom line

Wordmark logos are fun to explore. They can be serious or playful, plain or strong, artistic or clever. When you represent your brand with a wordmark logo, you make a statement without trying too hard.

We applaud your confidence and determination to set your brand apart.

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