The Domain Magnate Show: Richard Lau Talks About Building Successful Businesses

June 2, 2021

By: Kari Amarnani

The Domain Magnate Show: Richard Lau Talks About Building Successful Businesses

Our founder, Richard Lau, had a fun chat with Michael Bereslavsky, host of The Domain Magnate Show, about the methods of establishing successful businesses and entrepreneurial ventures.

In the podcast, Richard talks about his work ethic and priorities and the importance of delivering consumer value in all enterprises. If you're looking for ways to build and nurture a brand, make sure to check out the podcast here.

Here are some key takeaways from the conversation.

Logos: An Essential Brand Element

Building an online presence is nearly impossible without a logo. Potential customers need easy visuals to be able to remember and associate with a business.

The primary objective behind was to allow entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers — essentially, anybody who wants to be online — the accessibility to designing unique logos. As a result, the platform is user-friendly while simultaneously providing world-class logo designs.

The process of building a solid brand presence entails a list of never-ending tasks. Amid building and marketing your idea, allotting weeks merely for the design of a logo seems impractical. Even then, those logo designs may not always be how you visualize them— leading to more lost time for adjustments.

"The question was how can we help people get online faster? So they can start building and be successful? We took a three-week logo design process and turned it into 30 minutes."

The platform was built bearing in mind the visual branding hiccups to provide a faster and more efficient process for brand owners. As opposed to weeks of waiting, customers can customize their preferred designs and elements themselves and receive their new logos in less than 30 minutes.

The Importance Of Value

One of the critical factors determining a business's success is its value in customer's investments through the finished product. Therefore, giving consumers immense value is more important than profitability.

At its core, it comes down to solving problems. It's for this reason that the logos you get from are worth 10x the price. 

"We are not looking at this as a lifestyle business. We are looking at this as a toolset that delivers exponential value to our customers."

The Secret That Led To (Multiple) Business Success

Networking is the one skill you need to get anywhere in life. Building a network is extremely powerful and opens doors to possibilities— ones you would never have thought of yourself, ones that could change your life.

The Bottom Line

Building a logo can happen in a few minutes or hours, but building a brand takes time.

Your logo is not a centralized aspect of your business— it is communication that establishes trust and professionalism. Though it is a small detail of your overall brand, you must have easy access to quality logos at a great value. That is the top priority.

In the mood for a great logo? Check out our logo maker today!

Ready to make your logo?

Ready to make your logo?