[ebook] Everything You Need To Set Up Your Solo Business

April 21, 2021
Authored by:
Alisha Shibli

Building a one-man-show that finds sustained success may seem challenging, and it is. There’s a whole lot that goes into building a business and often, there are tough choices that you need to make alone.

For example, is your business idea good enough, should you create a business plan, what should you do first, and what can be postponed?

One of the key things you need when starting a business, is a great idea. After that, to get the wheels rolling, you’ll need a solid foundation, time, and resources.

As the sole decision-maker, you’ll have to identify your priorities and give them the time they demand.

To make this process a little easier and to give you a sense of direction, we’ve put together this ebook to help you set up your solo business. This is in no way your bible with all the information that you need but it will help you identify those first few crucial foundational steps and give you a sense of how to go about them.

Here’s what you’ll uncover in this ebook:

  • Finding and developing a business idea
  • Selecting the business idea that’ll work for you
  • Creating a logo for your business
  • Building your business website
  • Launching your solo business
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