The 10 Best Luxury Brand Logos And Their Unique Histories

June 9, 2022
Authored by:
Aakash Shewakaramani

Luxury brand logos evoke aspiration and success for customers and non-consumers alike. A combination of excellent marketing and a dedication to quality makes such products the talk of the town and the logos a fanaticism of their own.  

Most luxury brand logos are well-thought-out and representative of their brands; this article examines ten stunning logos.

The Stories Behind These 10 Luxury Brand Logos

These ten luxury logos, varying from different industries, all come with interesting stories and origins. Whether personal or practical, these logo designs have been quite successful; some have even survived the test of time and stayed firm amidst business growth.

1. Automobili Lamborghini


Automobili Lamborghini has one of the most famous luxury brand logos in the world. The Lamborghini logo, which emanates power, speed, and elegance, is the kind of connection that any luxury automobile manufacturer would like for their brand.

The founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, took inspiration from two aspects of his life to make the brand logo. First, the bull is a representation of his birthday on April 28, 1916, which is the zodiac sign of Taurus. Ferruccio also enjoyed the sport of bullfighting, which gave Lamborghini its affiliation with bulls.

The golden bull has served the brand well and is so discernible that one can instantly recognize the brand once they see it.

2. Hermès  


Hermès is one of the world’s preeminent luxury brands and is embedded in today’s pop culture; even Drake mentions it in one of his songs.

The label synonymous with high fashion was founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermès, who sold harnesses to noble families. Thierry’s son, Charles, took over in 1880 and added saddlery into the picture, and the company made its first bag under his leadership.

Introduced in the 1950s, the logo pays homage to Hermès’s equestrian roots and draws inspiration from Alfred de Dreux’s painting Le Duc attelé.

Le Duc attelé painting | Source

The portrait shows a duke standing by his carriage, which is perfect for Hermès as it accurately represents their unique history.

3. Longines


As far as luxury watches go, Longines is in a class of its own. Founded in 1832, the company (along with its logo) has gone through various iterations and redesigns.

Longines has been faithful to the structure of its original logo since its inception — a winged hourglass, which is a fitting depiction for a watchmaker. This logo was registered in 1889 and bears the title of the oldest trademark, according to the World International Trademark Organization.

The history behind the Longines crest makes it one of the most influential luxury brand logos worldwide and a significant figure in trademark law.

4. Tata Harper


Tata Harper’s line of all-natural and nontoxic skincare products makes it a pioneer in what is most likely the future of the skincare industry. The company simultaneously has one of the most beautiful luxury brand logos on the market.

The logo, a collection of flowers, leaves, and other flora, aptly depicts Tata Harper’s ethical approach to skincare. The brand uses no artificial chemicals in its skin care products, which justifies the inclusion of green as the logo’s primary brand color.

5. Porsche


Porsche is one of the world’s oldest automobile manufacturers, and the German brand has gone on to establish itself as a world leader in luxury cars.

Porsche also has one of the most beautiful luxury brand logos as its crest. The logo, bearing a shield and stallion, is adept at representing the royalty of a Porsche car and pays homage to the city where the company was launched, Stuttgart, the capital of Württemberg.

Despite Germany’s dissolution and unification, Porsche’s logo stood firm and expresses so much about the products as it does about the company’s history.

6. Comme des Garçons


Comme des Garçons is a Japanese luxury fashion brand with headquarters in Tokyo and Paris that has made waves in luxury clothing and streetwear.

The French business name, translated into English, means “Like some boys,” which represents the brand’s mission to blur gender norms and promote androgynous fashion. The young company, founded in 1969, dabbles in extravagant garments and minimalistic designs.  

One of its most widely known designs comes in the form of a heart with eyes, which was due to a burst of inspiration — a eureka moment. Designer Filip Pagowsi was toiling with founder Rei Kawakubo, struggling for inspiration for their next great design.

Out of nowhere, Pagoswki got the idea of a heart with eyes, drew it, and gave birth to an iconic logo. So don’t sweat it if you’re stuck in a creative rut! Who knows, your next creation could make international waves.

7. Godiva Chocolatier  


Who doesn’t adore chocolate? Chocolates, inexpensive or luxurious, are a source of unparalleled joy, and Godiva dabbles in both kinds.

Along with selling fantastic chocolates, Godiva boasts one of the most iconic luxury brand logos in existence. The logo represents the tale of Lady Godiva, who rode naked across Coventry, England to oppose her husband’s oppressive taxes in the 13th century.

Lady Godiva | Source

This story of courage inspired founder Joseph Draps. He changed the company name from Chocolaterie Draps to Godiva Chocolatier and gave it a logo in honor of the courageous Lady Godiva! The rest is history.

8. Gucci


Gucci has been a pioneer in fashion since 1921 and has had an unparalleled impact on our culture that its name is a colloquium for Good. It’s a simple yet powerful word, and Gucci embodies this in all aspects of the brand.

A close look at Gucci’s logo reveals a combination of two interlocked Gs. Why the two Gs? They’re the initials of the founder, Guccio Gucci!

As one of the most well-known luxury brands out there, Gucci’s logo is everywhere, from celebrities sporting their products to on-screen parodies. Such brand recognition is difficult to come by.

9. Parker Pen Company


While it has forayed into the affordable writing instrument segment, Parker’s high-end creations make it a luxury pen brand. It has been the choice of writing instrument for the most influential people, including President Kennedy, who adored his Parker Pen.

Founder George Parker’s son, Kenneth, was passionate about the marvels of aviation and flight and used them to create the logo, which was initially introduced as a pen clip in 1957. Joseph Platt designed the logo to symbolize Parker’s Pen Company’s innovative nature.

10. Louis Vuitton


Founded in 1854, Louis Vuitton boasts one of the most well-recognized luxury brand logos. While it has innovated and pioneered in the high fashion industry, the company holds pride in its heritage and history.

This is why the iconic “LV” logo has barely changed. The only refresher the logo got happened in 1997, when designer Marc Jacobs simply removed the brand name from the logo.

The logo, known as a logotype, is synonymous with high-end fashion and luxury. It doesn’t necessarily need symbolism attached to it because it’s already achieved status over time.

The Road To Premier Success

If you plan on creating a luxury brand, then definitely pay attention to the branding. Perception plays a vital role when building your brand, and positioning it as luxurious experience for consumers helps you pave the way to it being regarded in that light. Your logo is the middle man in this mission.

Whether your logo was designed with a personal story in mind or has its roots in pragmatism, it needs to represent your brand appropriately. Think about the colors, fonts, and level of simplicity before creating your logo. With enough brainstorming, you’ll create a gorgeous luxury brand logo in no time!

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