10 Fitness Logo Ideas: How To Build A Strong Fitness Logo For Your Brand

October 29, 2021
Authored by:
Kari Amarnani

A great fitness logo shows the world that you are a credible and professional business that cares about building a lasting relationship with your target audience.

Your fitness logo has the potential to tell your brand story, depending on your choice of colors, fonts, icons, and various other design elements. As a general rule, an effective logo upholds:

  • Versatility
  • Professionalism
  • Scalability
  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility

These traits in a logo provide you with a compelling design that gets results. However, a fitness logo should (and rightfully so) encompass everything that your business believes in, as well as what it means to practice fitness, health, and well-being activities. 

So how do you build a fitness logo that screams healthy living? 

Believe it or not, you can’t just roll the dice with these elements. You want to create a personalized design that subconsciously taps into consumers’ perceptions of what fitness really is. 

For example, fitness can be associated with yoga and meditation. In that case, you don’t want to go with bold and overwhelming colors like red and yellow. Instead, you might want to opt for blue, lavender, and soft pastel hues. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

To get a better understanding of the design elements you need for your logo, ask yourself how your business employs and specializes in fitness. What are your goals? Is your priority to provide people with an energizing place to work out? Do you aim to serve calm and soothing experiences? Fitness is broad, so tap into your brand mission.

For many people, fitness is more than just getting into shape; it is a lifestyle. And you partaking in the service of a lifestyle transition that could potentially improve lives is a remarkable feat. This means that you need to take proper consideration of your branding to reach your customers and achieve your goals as a business.

It’s time to communicate your commitment to your target audience with a strong fitness logo that exercises your creativity.

3 Tips To Build An Effective Fitness Logo

Don’t worry, this won’t take much muscle—just your innovation and intuition. Our AI-powered logo maker does most of the work for you. Your job is finding and customizing the perfect fitness logo with these essential attributes.

Whether you’re a personal trainer or kickboxing champion, your perfect fitness logo can communicate everything you need to say with these three steps.

1. Decide on your fitness brand colors.


Ideally, you don’t want to go over the limit of 2-3 colors. Otherwise, your fitness logo may turn out to be a little overwhelming to look at. The simpler, the better. Choose the brand colors that closely express what your business provides. 

If you need help on the symbolism and psychological impact of certain colors, feel free to use this article on brand colors as an easy reference. 

Your fitness brand colors shouldn’t just be a part of your logo—they should also be in your branding documents, marketing materials, website, and social media channels. The goal here is to use these colors to build an association with your brand. 

For example, thinking about red and white branding brings you close to thinking about Coca-Cola. Green and black? Spotify comes to mind! You’re doing the same thing for your business. Which colors embody your services and make people remember you?

The ideal color scheme depends on the nature of your fitness business. Here are a couple of ideas to get your inspiration in motion:

  • High-energy exercise: red, yellow, black, orange
  • Yoga and meditation: blue, white, green, lavender, brown, pastel colors
  • Hiking and trekking: green, brown, yellow
  • Fitness apparel and merchandise: red, blue, yellow, white, black
  • Nutrition and healthy diets: green, white, light colors
  • Dance and movement exercises: Yellow, purple, orange
  • Swim exercises: blue, white, yellow
  • Various sporting activities: brown, yellow, orange, blue

Whether your specialization is on this list or not, you should have a pretty good idea of the representation of colors for fitness. Remember to stick to 2-3 colors and keep your fitness logo simple. Don’t use the whole rainbow!

2. Choose the best fitness font.


Regardless of the kind of services you provide, fitness as a whole requires energy, determination, and dedication. People have to decide to take on this lifestyle commitment and uphold it daily, even in small practices. So choose a thick and heavy font to embody strength and boldness.

Don’t just choose a font that looks good. It also has to express your values and missions as a business. Most fitness brands would do well to choose modern and bold typefaces as they prove to be eye-catching and easy to look at. Great examples are serif and sans serif fonts! They’re easy to read, and they get your message across effectively.

Now, let’s dive into the specifics. Choosing your font has a lot to do with your target demographic and services. 

If you offer dancing exercises and cater to women, you might want to choose a stylish and quirky font. If you are appealing to bodybuilders, you could choose a font that emphasizes strength and power. If you provide relaxing meditation practices, maybe consider calming and casual script typography (one that’s still readable, of course).

The options are endless. This may sound daunting, but you don’t need to find the perfect font. You just need to find one that speaks to your brand. Create drafts, get some feedback, and take your time with the process. You’ll know when you find it.

3. Pick a relevant fitness icon.


When you choose an icon for your fitness logo, you have to consider the present and the future. Again, fitness is broad, and who’s to say what structural changes your business will undergo in a couple of years. Will your yoga studio continue to be a yoga studio in 5 years’ time? 

This might be a little hard to decipher, and that’s okay. But it’s still a good idea to foresee where your business may or may not head towards because your icon stands on this preparation. 

If you feel that your fitness business may transition into other lines of health and exercise, consider choosing an abstract logo to leave room for interpretation. However, if you think your business is grounded in a specific fitness structure, go for a literal or specific icon. This makes it easier for consumers to get a grasp of your services.

Choosing an icon doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Sticking to the basics can have monumental effects. Do you provide cycling services? Go with a bike or wheel icon! Do you offer healthy and calorie-counted meal plans? Maybe choose a leaf, a fruit, or a vegetable icon. 

There are many ways you can use a logo icon, whether you want it to be a symbolic element or a literal design. There are perks with either choice! 

10 Fitness Logo Ideas For Inspiration

Now, it’s time to get your creative sweats running! Check out these ten examples of fitness logos to get an idea of your business design.

1. Simple logos always win. Show customers that exercise can be fun with this cool color scheme.

2. Nothing says ‘pumped up’ like vibrant and energetic red!

3. Get customers in the mood to splash their way to a hot bod with refreshing blue.

4. Grab attention with neon yellow, an electric energy booster bound to inspire movement.

5. What a fun fitness logo! Show customers that dancing can be an entertaining way to reach their fitness goals.

6. You can’t go wrong with white and baby blue to express a calm and soothing take on exercise.

7. Do you own a yoga and meditation business? This fitness logo is perfect for it!

8. Show customers that you are ready to provide healthy and nutritious meals with this unique fitness logo.

9. Let people stretch their way to fitness with this flexible and relaxing logo.

10. Ah, nothing like a good cardio workout. March your way to an effective logo with this one.

A Fitness Logo That Lifts Your Business Up

Whether you’re a personal trainer, a fitness teacher, an exercise gear seller, or someone who simply wants to help people reach their body and health goals, a great logo strengthens your fitness brand and grows your business.

Now that you know the core of creating a fitness logo, don’t hesitate to rely on LOGO.com for your visual branding needs. We will provide you with everything you need to make this fitness logo come alive in the most affordable and convenient manner. Rely on us, and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you!

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