50 Beer Logo Ideas: How To Build A Cool Beer Logo For Your Brand

May 24, 2022
Authored by:
Kari Amarnani

Are you in need of some inspiration and tips for a great beer logo for your business? Look no further. Keep reading to learn about the best ways to build a beer logo for your brand with 50 design examples to fuel your creativity.

Interest in home brewing has been bubbling up since the emergence of the global pandemic, which keeps people stuck indoors and looking for ways to maintain a living. Despite the limitations of a new economy, people are starting to experiment with brewing their own beers and starting brewery businesses.

So if you are looking for a beer logo to be the face of your business, this is a perfect time! There are kegs of ideas out there for designing your own beer logo—feel free to scroll down to see 50 excellent examples of best beer logos for inspiration.

For now, let’s get into the basics of what makes a strong and effective beer logo:

  • Use typography that emphasizes either boldness or relaxation (or both!), depending on the kind of beer you provide.
  • Choose icons that are relevant to your brewing process, beer, and your brand identity.
  • Pick a simple set of brand colors that complement each other and reflect your business’s personality.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the specifics, shall we?

3 Essential Elements Of A Strong Beer Logo Design

Building a logo is always a big decision, and it grants you many benefits in a business. 

Your beer logo and name will be a part of your visual branding for a long time, so take your time with the thought process and gather as much helpful information as you can. Fortunately, we can help you every step of the way.

Our logo maker is so intuitive that all you need to do is input your business name and slogan (if any). Then, you can start viewing an unlimited supply of readymade beer company logos that you can customize to your heart’s extent. 

Here are three essential elements to incorporate into your beer brand and logo.

1. A relevant beer logo icon

Most craft beer brands follow the same structure: one or two prominent colors, a crest or icon, and an emphasizing name over or adjacent to the emblem. The rise of the craft beer industry has shown prominence of artsy and emblem-like visuals that communicate a ‘hip’ energy to the product.

Choosing a logo icon entails looking into your brand identity and target audience. You can select anything from cartoonish illustrations to a noble emblem to extreme minimalism, as long as it fits seamlessly with your brand identity and personality. 


Go with a cartoon or mascot icon if you want to incorporate some fun, hipster vibes into your beer products. However, if you are just starting out with your business, going with a minimalist icon would be more practical. It leaves room for additions depending on your business direction. It also helps people remember your beer company easily, which is always a plus in your favor.


Check out Corona’s logo! Talk about a world-renowned beer company with a logo as minimalist as it gets. A simple gold crown is enough to say exactly what the business needs to say—and they succeeded. It goes to show, you don’t need something elaborate to make your case.

Keep in mind that your target audience is a significant factor, as well. Choose an outlandish, hip, or trippy icon if your wild and adventurous beer flavors are meant for younger customers. If you are targeting a classier audience, a minimalist logo should do wonders. 

Take an introspective dive into who you are as a brewery business and who you are catering to before deciding on a beer icon. Once you do, the answer becomes as sparkling clear as the beer you serve.

2. A legible and strong beer logo font

Choosing the right beer font design for your craft beer logo can communicate so much about your brand personality. Though you want it to exemplify who you are to a tee, it must also be readable. The point of a beer logo is to have customers remember you, and if you choose a font with no legibility, it defeats the purpose of your design.

Consider using serif and sans serif fonts, as they are the most readable fonts among the rest. Now, decide if you want a modern or a classic feel to your brewery. If you are going for modern, choose sans serif. If you are looking for classic energy, go with serif. Now that you have limited your selection to a single type, choose typography that defines you and your style as a brand.

Your beer logo font has a significant impact on your visual, as it contributes to how your audience will perceive you and how they take in the vibe of your brewery. 

The origin of beer goes back to 5,000 B.C., leading many brewery owners to choose vintage and script typographies to mimic its timelessness. Stella Artois did this well! Not only did they perfectly achieve the vintage look, but they also chose an incredibly readable font.


But don’t put yourself in a box or feel compelled to swim with the stream. If you want something more simple, go for it! At the end of the day, your beer speaks for you.

As long as you choose a font that captures your personality and energy, that is all that matters. Nothing draws people in like heart and authenticity. 

3. A perfect set of brand colors

And perfect means perfect for your brewery. Every business from differing industries has its own set of brand colors that fit and pertain precisely to who they are and what they provide. You can’t just roll the dice with this decision—you have to look into your brand personality to decipher the best colors for your business.

Each color has its own meaning and significance, almost like a symbolic representation of what your brand believes in. Now, as far as brewery colors go, the most common hues you see in the industry are:

  • Brown
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Yellow

But again, don’t put yourself in a box. Revert to your brand personality to get the answers. Every color sparks a distinctive emotional connotation, acting as a helpful “shortcut” for designers and marketers to communicate the complexities of their business with just a single glance. Standard color or not, it just needs to represent you.

Additionally, there is something to be said about unique choices. You may choose off-brand colors to set yourself apart from the competition. 


A great example of the power of uniqueness is Tiger Beer. Mixing orange and blue is not a popular combination, yet Tiger Beer set itself apart from the competition with such a distinctive color scheme that totally works!

The tricky thing here is that you still need to choose brand colors that are appetizing when associated with your products. For example, you wouldn’t choose a dominance of red for an organic meal plan service. The same rules apply to the brewery industry. 

Consider sticking to standard beer brand colors, but throw in a unique spin on them to set yourself apart. It’s all about taking something mundane and making it extraordinary. 

50 Beer Logo Examples To Inspire You

Nothing can get your creative motors running like design inspiration! Check out these 50 examples of best beer logos with the help of our efficient and intuitive logo maker.

With a business name example, “The Barrel Brew,” to help you get an idea of craft beer logos that fit the industry, hopefully, this list sparks your innovation and desire to create a great one for yourself.

Kick Back With An Awesome Beer Brand and Logo

You know, a logo is a lot like a pint of beer. It’s about exploration, experimentation, and the desire to instill a certain feeling in your audience. Get started with our logo maker, and you will be brewing up the perfect beer brand and logo for your business in no time to spare.

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