Google Business Profile: The Tool Your Small Business Needs

May 31, 2022

By: Aakash Shewakaramani

Google Business Profile: The Tool Your Small Business Needs

A Google Business Profile is a gateway that can help transform your business from a local store to a global brand. Making Google your business’s next home will guarantee increased visibility, easier transactions, and access to stakeholders who can help your business expand.

97% of consumers learn about companies through the internet; not having an online presence, especially one on the world’s biggest search engine, can lead to a loss of sales. Is it time to panic? No, it is time to take action.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Google Business Profile, so you can implement it for your business.

What Exactly Is A Google Business Profile?

Think of the last time you were in a new city or town. You most likely used Google to look up the nearest restaurant, shop, or things to do. Google is akin to the world’s best tour guide, available to everyone, all the time.

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Those ‘business cards’ you see on the right when you search for something on Google — that’s a Google Business Profile.

These ultra-local results are beneficial to businesses because they enable you to showcase your products and services to new customers.

Google does this ‌effectively thanks to the following features:

1. Map-Based Discovery

Google Maps is the most used mapping service in the world. So much so that it is downloaded almost thrice as much as the next biggest map application, Waze.

If you create a Google Business Profile and add an address, you get access to Google’s vast user base and unparalleled discovery. It can be especially beneficial if your shop or office is in an area where people and cars pass by often.


Customers can find out about your business right away and make a detour to check out what you have to offer.

2. Reviews

Positive reviews can create a virtuous cycle for your business by acting as word of mouth, one of the most effective forms of marketing. Rather than making searchers jump through hoops to understand you, Google makes reviews conspicuous with their star rating system.

Google reviews
Google reviews

If you know how to make your customers happy, a Google Business Profile will showcase the positive reviews of your business, motivating other people to check out your products and services too.

3. Contact Information

Online information has replaced physical yellow pages, and Google is atop the list of places that people use to search for contact information. Think of a Google Business Profile as your digital business card, but with a massive reach.

Starbucks Google Business Profile page
Starbucks Google Business Profile page

Unlike an actual business card, Google is more convenient for your customers because, with one tap, they can call you via your profile with no hassle whatsoever.

4. Additional Information

From a company summary to Wikipedia pages, a Google Business Profile is a powerful gateway to your business. Making your profile rich with information creates a better impression of your business by virtue of inducing clarity.

Tappo NYC features a concise description of their services
Tappo NYC features a concise description of their services

Each bit of additional information you can include about your business acts as a great touchpoint for potential customers.

How To Set Up Your Google Business Profile: 6 Steps

It takes some time and energy to create your Google Business Profile, as it allows your business to be represented as accurately as possible on Google. With that being said, the process isn’t objectively long or difficult at all.

Get started with these six steps to set up your profile today.

Step 1: Go To The Website

The Google Business Profile page is a portal to the important services that the tech giant can provide to businesses, big or small. For example, you will learn that setting up a Google Business Profile is completely free!

Google Business Profile page
Google Business Profile page

The page also has plenty of other solutions and resources for varying businesses and industries.

Step 2: Add Your Business To Google

Click on ‘Manage Now’ on the homepage and add your business details. You’ll have to name it and add the business category if your company isn't on Google already.

Input your business details
Input your business details

You can gain the listing if it is already present on the search engine but hasn’t been claimed yet. If someone has already claimed the business, you may have to request access.

Step 3: Mention Your Location (Or Not)

Depending on your business type, you may or may not want to mention your location in your Google Business Profile.

Input your business address (if you have one)
Input your business address (if you have one)

If you’re solely a digital business, you don’t necessarily have to include an address. However, if you have a physical touchpoint, it makes sense to add your location to Google Maps because you’d want your customers to find you.

Unless you’re like Oobah Butler and want to open a fake secret restaurant in the city to trick society, approach this step with as much no-nonsense as possible.

💡 Note: Even if you don’t enter a precise location, ‌mention your servicing locations. This includes all the major cities and places your business caters to.

Step 4: Provide Your Contact Information

The contact information on your profile is the easiest way for your customers to reach out to you. Most verification processes happen through your contact details and address, so you want to input accurate information for easy confirmation with Google.

Share your contact information and/or website URL
Share your contact information and/or website URL

While providing your business website is optional, you definitely want to do it to show viewers your products and services should they decide to learn more about you. If a Google Business Profile is your digital business card, then your website is your online storefront.

Step 5: Complete The Verification Process

You need to verify that your business is the real deal before Google lists you on its search engine. There are several ways Google can choose to verify you, including sending you an email or a postcard to your location.

Since a lot of the verification happens manually, this process can take up to seven working days. Learn more about the verification system from Google’s guide.

Step 6: Go The Extra Mile

If searchers can get all the information about you from your Google Business Profile, they won’t have to worry about going elsewhere.

Make it easy for them by also including:

  • Photos of your business
  • The kinds of services you provide
  • Working hours and updates

Navigate all the options from your end, so you can optimize your Google Business profile for your small business and maximize your results.

How To Promote Your Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile is just the tip of the iceberg for your online presence. Once you set it up, there is a lot you can do to get stakeholders online. These are some additional steps that you can take to ensure a sound and professional profile:

1. Set Up Google Ads

Google Ads can help bring more people to your Google Business Profile and other touch points. Set up ads for your target audience in the right geographical area and guide them to your business listing.


You can also create multiple ads with different agendas, like getting clicks for your website, directing calls for quotes, or getting reviews from existing customers.

💡 Tip: While Google will take care of the reach, you still need to create an ad design with excellent copy so people respond to it positively.

2. Invest In Search Engine Optimization

Good implementation of SEO can help generate an audience for both organic reach and advertisements. With the right words and phrases, your listing can claim one of the top spots in search engines. Options like Soovle and Google Trends are great free tools you can start with.


Observe SEO strategies for your business name (use a business name generator), description, and your website’s content. Even if your Google Business Profile doesn’t claim the top spot, your website’s SEO-powered content can list your business in the upper echelons of Google’s search results.

3. Look Into Google For Retail

Google for Retail is a great way to put your products for sale directly on Google. It makes it easy for consumers to look at and buy your products. If you have a retail business, this is a great option to explore.

4. Create Content For Your Business

Videos, photos, and social media posts can help you establish a tone and voice for your small business. Since a lot of businesses have Google listings, additional effort will help your brand stand out.

While a Google Business Profile will get you views, a consistent brand identity and a quality product or service will get you sales. Build that identity with solid content.

Build Your Google Business Profile Today

A Google Business Profile is an excellent way to begin your small business’s relationship with the world’s biggest search engine. The free listing alone gets your business increased visibility, which can lead you to new customers offline and online.

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Set up your profile to explore the plethora of opportunities from Google that can scale your small business and give it the attention it deserves!

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