How To Create High-Converting Facebook Ad Designs: 5 Easy Tips

October 21, 2021
Authored by:
Kari Amarnani

What can a great Facebook ad design do for you? For starters, Facebook boasts a whopping 2.89 billion active users on a monthly basis. Suffice to say, an effective Facebook ad design can rake in a hotpot of potential leads, just with the sheer number of people scrolling through the engaging application. 

The platform is filled to the brim with exciting interactions and eye-catching posts. Now, what would it take for a business to capture the same atmosphere of pull and reach, so much so that it would potentially lead to sales? It’s certainly doable!

Don’t get caught up in the misconception that more people = more visibility. That may be true to some extent, but without a substantial Facebook ad design, it’s a second of perusal before scrolling down to the next best thing. Quality over quantity is absolutely relevant here.

Facebook advertising is a crucial aspect of your brand marketing, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation. Almost a third of the world’s population is on it! An effective Facebook ad design can:

  • Generate more leads
  • Boost your sales
  • Increase your brand following

Don’t even dare skimp on these promising assets. Before we dive into the strategies of a compelling Facebook ad design, what are the core aspects of an ad in itself? Follow these integral steps:

  • Headline: The focal point of what you’re offering. It should express a call to action.
  • Design: This is the component that sways your audience to take a closer look. Let this be one of the strongest and balanced aspects of your ad.
  • Description: Optional, but can be utilized to your benefit if constructed well. Take this opportunity to include pertinent and stand-out details of your product or service.
  • Post text: This is the text that goes over your design. Optional, but if you choose to go ahead with it, use high contrast fonts to secure readability.
  • Call to action: Ideally, your call to action must depict a sense of urgency. Provide your audience with excitement and access to the benefits you can give them. Don’t put yourself in a box with a “Learn more!”. Get creative with it.

Now that you have the basics up your sleeve, what do you need to create an engaging Facebook ad design that converts? Read below!

5 Strategies For Creating A High-Converting Facebook Ad Design

What does it take to have a Facebook ad design that can actually lead to an increase in sales? It’s not as complicated as you think. Every tip, though seemingly small, can significantly change the perception of your ad in a positive and easily digestible manner.

1. Keep the ad short and sweet.

When you scroll through social media, you likely don’t spend hours on a single post (unless it’s exceptionally engaging!). You stop at the ones that pique your interest, and when it’s compelling enough, you dive a little deeper. Long ads tend to be overbearing—there’s too much information to take in. 

By keeping your ad short, you keep only the strengths and essence of your story while leaving room for the imagination. It’s hard to be intrigued by something that overloads you with tons of information. 

Create a Facebook ad design that’s bold, interactive, and engaging while keeping it short and sweet. It’s reported that the ideal length for a Facebook post is 40 characters. In fact, as long as it stays beneath 80 characters, the chances are it would earn 66% more engagement

2. Ensure that your brand copy and design work together.

Symmetry is the key. You want your content and the design to come together flawlessly into a unified and relevant message. Keep in mind that this is Facebook, a platform full of visual content. So ensure that your design hits the mark perfectly.

Still, your content counts significantly. This is the pull that gives them something to resonate and identify with, which ultimately leads to not only potential sales but also a connection with your audience. Think of it this way: your audience comes for the design, but they stay for the content.

Individually, these components are powerhouses of an effective ad. Make sure that they complement each other well; otherwise, they may end up taking each other down, and your ad overall to join it. 

3. Understand your industry and audience.

There’s so much to consider about your industry and target market, and it can positively impact the success of your Facebook ad design. 

Do you sell yoga or meditation equipment? Make sure that your design emanates serenity with a clean and soothing visual. Do you own a food and beverage business? Throw in some appetizing colors in your design, like red, yellow, and green. Dealer’s choice! As long as it seamlessly represents what you stand for as a brand.

By understanding your industry, you start understanding your audience too. For example, if your target market is men, you can use this awareness to modify your Facebook ad design in a way that would interact with them the most. You’d be surprised what this information could do for your overall design. 

4. Include your value proposition in the design.

A value proposition is an attribute or benefit that you promise to deliver to your customers. Essentially, it explains WHY they should choose you and your services over your competitors. A common mistake here is adding too many details of your promises, enough that it starts to become overwhelming. Less is more.

There are two perks in incorporating your value proposition in the design. One, it ensures that you follow the fundamental rule of keeping your ad short. There’s only so much you can say about yourself within a design, which encourages you to stick to substance. Two, it simply works.

It helps in making your brand copy and design work together, which is crucial. People gravitate to appealing visuals, so if you incorporate a meaningful statement within it, they can’t help but pay attention to that too. Avoid making claims, and solidify your stance with facts, statistics, and testimonials. Don’t forget to throw in some fun in there too!

5. Show real people in your design.

Have you ever looked at a picture of a human doing something enjoyable and thought, “That could be me.” That is precisely the power of having real, live people in your design. It resonates with people more than an abstract design would. 

If you sell gorgeous jewelry, wouldn’t you rather feature those stunning products worn by a person who clearly enjoys them? As opposed to just having images of the products on their own. This provides your audience with insight into how your products and services would benefit them, giving you a decisive edge in the ad’s success.

Having people visualize themselves if they purchase your product or service gives you more potential for sales and a following. Don’t miss out on this!

The Impact Of A Facebook Ad Design

Anyone active on social media comes across tons of ads every day, so how do you stand out? As long as you incorporate these strategies, tap into your creativity, and understand your target audience, you’ll hit the nail on the head.

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