Be Helpful To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

January 20, 2022

By: Kari Amarnani

Be Helpful To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

Richard Lau joined the Blissful Living Show with host Rochel Marie Lawson to discuss that to be a successful entrepreneur, one must give back to their community. You have to be helpful to succeed as an entrepreneur and make your mark on the world through kindness and service.

Table of Contents

1. How Being Helpful Lets You Flourish As An Entrepreneur

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i. Providing Quality Customer Service

ii. Having A Genuine Desire To Help People

iii. Networking Through Assistance

2. The Impact Of Kindness For Your Business

Richard Lau, the founder of, talks about the many ways he has given back to the world to, in turn, experience wins as an entrepreneur. To learn more about how to be helpful to succeed as an entrepreneur, check out the podcast for more in-depth tips and information.

This article outlines the ways Richard Lau found success as an entrepreneur in generosity and giving back. Let’s get started!

How Being Helpful Lets You Flourish As An Entrepreneur

Helping other people should be a natural aspect of every entrepreneur’s priorities. Unfortunately, it’s common to get caught up in the operations of your business to provide help to people who need it. But you will come to realize that the best relationships, clients, and partners occur from helping someone with their day-to-day troubles.

That is precisely what Richard believes in from his decades of time being an entrepreneur.

These are three ways to be helpful as an entrepreneur that will eventually work its magic back to you:

1. Providing Quality Customer Service

Richard believes that serving reliable and quality customer service is the one component a business needs to really take off. A business must provide the best help and value at all costs. The integrity must trump profit.

“If you’re not delivering value, don’t take someone’s money.”

Richard is the founder of, a logo maker that provides high-quality and affordable logos at the drop of the hat for businesses that need them. He explains that great customer service is the core of the business.

If a customer is unsatisfied with the results, the company goes over and beyond to make up for the customer’s time and energy, whether it’s by providing credits or serving refunds. In fact, if a competitor’s service would be most suited for the customer’s needs, that will be noted and recommended.

At the end of the day, the customer must be happy. Customer service should the core of any business’ priorities.

2. Having A Genuine Desire To Help People

The underlying value of running a business is being helpful and genuinely wanting to do so. Every business owner experiences a list of highs and lows—and managing a small business is a lot of the latter.

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However, it is essential to take yourself out of the bubble of strict operations and financial stress to find ways to authentically make lives better, whether in your business or outside of it. Believe it not, it is an act that softens the blow of the lows commonly experienced in any business setting.

“It’s not just about counting the dollars at the end of the day. It’s about what has been your impact on this earth.”

Richard believes that the genuine desire to help people comes across to customers when you manage your business. It’s easy for a customer to decipher which businesses are in it for the rewards and which ones truly just want to help. People want to feel special, valued, and important. The littlest things can matter the most.

3. Networking Through Assistance

Networking is not just about building your connections. It’s about planting seeds of gratitude by helping any and every person that needs help or guidance. Yes, even strangers! Richard believes that expanding your assistance and being a helpful member of your community can make all the difference for you and your business.

The act of giving without expecting anything in return relishes an internal and external reward. You can build your connections by assisting anyone that needs service, whether they ask for it or not. This gives you an opportunity to give back to your community and make yourself known.

It may be a little daunting to consider networking through kindness out of fear of injecting yourself into situations you may not be wanted. But chances are, this gesture will be much appreciated by people who truly needed the act of kindness.

“We’re together alone.”

Richard notes that for an entrepreneur to be successful, they must think outward, and not inward. Introspect on how you actively impact your peers and customers. Are they better off for your presence and guidance in their lives? The answer to that question tells you everything you need to know about your future as a successful entrepreneur.

The Impact Of Kindness For Your Business

If more entrepreneurs focus on helping others, the world may just be a better place. Know that even though you are running a business, you are still a part of something bigger. Make a positive impact on the world by helping every chance you get. Only then can you be a successful entrepreneur.

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