Integrity Trumps Profit: 6 Star Business Podcast With Richard Lau

July 20, 2021

By: Kari Amarnani

Integrity Trumps Profit: 6 Star Business Podcast With Richard Lau

Richard Lau and Avon Collis joined the 6 Star Business podcast to discuss what qualities and methods make for a 6-star business. The conversation was around the impact of prioritizing the customer over company profit.

The entrepreneurs discussed the importance of providing quality customer service, the value of building reliability, and overall, the establishment of a credible, or rather, 6-star experience in a business.

To learn more about forming solid and valuable customer relationships in your company, check out the podcast for tips and advice. Don’t skimp on expanding your customer support awareness— these suggestions can change your business for the better in a hundred different ways.

Customer Service: A 6-Star Function, Richard’s latest company is built on a foundation of customer service. The platform itself provides quality and cost-efficient logos in a market that tends to overcharge people with this business branding necessity.

However, serving customer needs does not stop at providing efficient services. It also means being reliable and compassionate in times of customer concerns.

Richard believes that the most capable and experienced employees should not be at the forefront of management. Instead, they should handle customer support. Why? Customers are the core of a business.

Customers place their trust in a certain service or product, and it is only right that the process is taken care of by every individual working at the company. Instead of providing automated support, believes that customers need an actual and experienced human being to talk to.

This not only benefits the customer but the business as well. Receiving feedback on customer concerns allows the company to settle the issue for future customers that may face similar problems.

At the end of the day, a business flourishes because of its customers. More than that, it is the genuine desire to help, even if it means that the services do not come from you.

Authenticity And Integrity Over Profit

In the podcast, Richard talks about the conflict on either side of a customer dispute. To a customer, the most important element in business reliability is receiving a quick and easy solution to their problem. To a customer support representative, the most important act is providing that speedy fix that alleviates any confusion and disappointment.

But what happens when neither side can come to a settlement or resolve?

These are moments in a business that can feel hopeless. However, it is essential never to forget the purpose of your establishment. Ultimately, it is to help. When nothing seems to be going right in a customer service transaction, many companies tend to feel overwhelmed and increasingly unconcerned as the solution fades deeper into the abyss. goes another way.

Never forgetting the essence of a business, Richard discussed that when a customer is not getting the fix to their issue at all costs, instead of turning them away or making a feeble attempt to keep their patronage, he suggests other services or platforms that would be better suited to their preferences.

He believes that a business is not about money— it is about solutions and convenience for customers. One can find many different ways to still make a profit in a hopeless situation, but it’s not about that. It is about providing that solution, even if it means losing money in the process.

Customers forget businesses that coast by and do their run-of-the-mill sales pitches. But they never forget the ones that genuinely helped them in times of struggle.

The Bottom Line

Customer satisfaction is the heart of a business. Without a customer’s support, a company is merely a corporate entity. However, once it manages to win people’s hearts, a business becomes a common ground for mutual growth and respect.

These are the principles that has been built upon, and it will continue to serve the best value with the utmost intention to help.

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