Minecraft Logo & Brand: The Building Blocks Of A Perfect Logo

November 16, 2022
Authored by:
Gareth Mankoo

Gaming logos are not as celebrated as logos of brands from other categories, but when you see the Minecraft logo, it simply tugs at the heartstrings. This emotional attachment to the logo design could be because of its incredible simplicity or nostalgia. Whatever the reason behind the wonderfully memorable Minecraft logo, we must admit that it has become a permanent trend in gaming for a generation.

Here’s a little surprise: The Minecraft logo wasn’t always the blocky awesomeness we have come to accept and adore. The brand has been through decades of change. It has molded its positioning through the logo, which has worked wonders for them.

Key takeaways:

  • The Minecraft logo has had five different designs since its (unofficial) debut in 2009.
  • Minecraft constantly shifted between 3D and flat designs in their logo, trying to capture the realness of the virtual world.
  • The last three logos are incredibly similar with only minor changes.
  • Minecraft transitioned from a colored design to a monochrome color palette. The colored logo was never formally introduced.
  • Minecraft launched in 2011 and instantly rose to fame due to its open-world simulation and endless opportunities for creation.

The evolution of the Minecraft Logo

As of 2022, Minecraft has amassed 170 million active users on a monthly basis. This success is due to its memorable branding, which has impacted gamers of all generations. The rebellious, rugged, and simple logo holds a significant place in the history of Minecraft.

We will explore the various logo redesigns through the game's formative years and how we arrived at the current, beloved one.

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2009: Color parade

The first Minecraft logo would be unrecognizable to most fans today. Hayden Scott-Baron designed this logo in 2009. Unfortunately, the logo never ended up being used by the brand. Even with its vibrance in colors and mood, it somehow hinted at the block design in its unique way.

Minecraft Logo 2009

It was simply the wordmark written in a bold sans-serif font with misaligned letters that seemed tightly condensed to one another, almost like they were attached. The letters had a white fill with blue blocks and a bright green base. The blue and green brand colors in the logo were supposed to represent the sky and the earth, respectively.

2009 to 2011: Minecraft personified

The Minecraft logo took on a unique shape in May 2009. The bright and colorful facade got replaced with a stony texture. The stone was symbolic of the material used in the game to create player worlds. The letters were well spaced out in this case and were not connected.

Minecraft Logo 2009

Critics and artists wouldn’t qualify this logo as an aesthetic product, so what made it stick? The game’s popularity, of course. It was developed by drawing inspiration from the most important element in the game: the building block. The logo was the gateway for the more popular Minecraft logos of the future to take root.

2011 to 2015: 3D blocks

The creators of the game decided that the Minecraft logo needed an aesthetic. They touched up the logo, adding depth to the brick-like wordmark and giving it a more conservative angle. Its predecessor had an awkward angle that wasn’t friendly to most emerging digital platforms.


At first glance, one can declare that this logo is less 8-bit in appearance compared to its former avatar. The shadows made the bricks look more realistic. The cracks and lesions over the letters gave the logo a bold and impactful touch. To many, the Minecraft logo can appear like a cartoon because of the 3D treatment given to each letter.

Did you notice how the creators had fun with the negative space in the letter “A?” They replaced the hole in the alphabet with the grumpy face of a creeper from the game.

2013 to 2021: Back to flat

The brand once again worked on the tilt of the logo. The newer logo appears even more upright than any previous rendition, but only if you see it with a trained eye. To most others, the change in the logo is mild and negligible. Could you spot all the updates?


A good touch in this logo was the thickening of the outline, which was thinner in the previous edition. The thicker outer line and shadow made the logo feel more connected from within and easier to incorporate into marketing collateral.

Something unforeseen in the branding world happened when the creators, Mojang, used the logo with the thin border (from 2011) and the one with the thicker border (from 2013) simultaneously. It was only in 2015 that they standardized the thicker-bordered logo as the one to use across.

2021 to present: The perfect balance

This mildest change to the logo was made in 2021, when the designers lightened the shade of the font fills significantly. They lightened the shadowed bottom of the letters and added a touch of a matte finish to the color of the letters.

Minecraft Emblem

Everything else remained unchanged on the logo, but this tiny detail added character to it and made it look more refined.

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The significance of the Minecraft Logo today

The Minecraft logo is a work of rebellion. It’s been one incredible journey for the makers and the fans, who have marched ahead without paying mind to the details until recently. Like every logo that a generation grows up with, the Minecraft logo has grown, learned, overstepped, and course-corrected.

Source: New Design File

The font in the logo has been designed by the makers of the game. Today, its impact is reaching all kinds of merchandise. The logo is almost instantly recognized because of its absurd affixation to the block style and its absolute lack of pretense when it tells its story. It’s just blocks; they make Minecraft what it is and constitute everything the players have control over in the game.

Source: LOGO.com

The logo has always been grey, with shades lightening up and darkening along the way. Except for the first logo, which is still referred to as “the blue-green logo,” the company has kept the colors of the grey bricks at the core of all their design deliberations. This consistency is a significant contributor to the sustaining presence and recall of the branding.

The inconsistent cracks on top of the wordmark indicate how chaotic and disruptive the Minecraft logo is. The game has taken several other forms and versions, but it has always retained the brick design on the logo. To date, the brand has shuffled between the highly detailed cracked logo and one that is slightly cleaner for minimalism.

The history of Minecraft

Minecraft launched in 2011. It shot to fame instantly because it allowed gamers to create worlds and self-made gaming scenarios. This gameplay was novel in an age where most games simply made you play by their design. Gamers could now flex their creative muscles and showcase them through custom scenarios.

Minecraft was also loved among friends and became a go-to destination for youngsters. The multi-player ability of the game forged many friendships and nurtured old ones. If you wanted to play the game alone, you could do this too.

The gameplay was intense and never-seen-before. Gamers could build and destroy blocks to envision their worlds. The game was conceived in 2009, when open-world gaming was picking up and endless survival didn’t even exist as a genre. It surpassed one million purchases in less than a month after its launch.

Frequently asked questions about the Minecraft logo

What are some commonly asked questions about the Minecraft logo? Get your questions answered with these three FAQs.

1. What is the logo of Minecraft?

The original Minecraft logo was simply the words "MINECRAFT" in 3D, rotated ever-so-slightly to the top. It looks like it was carved from a broken stone slab, and the hole for the letter A is shaped like the creeper's face. There are a number of variants, all of which feature 3D text but not necessarily in a stone medium.

2. What is the first logo of Minecraft?

Hayden Scott-Baron made Minecraft's first logo in 2009, but the company has never introduced it. It was written in a bold sans-serif font, the letters of which were stuck together and jumped around the page. Large portions of the letters were decorated with a dazzling blue and green pattern, representing the sky and the ground, respectively.

3. What is Minecraft's original name?

Cave Game was the first name for Minecraft. Originally titled “Cave Game,” Minecraft was developed by Markus "Notch" Persson in 2009.

Bottom line

The Minecraft logo reflected the mind of the gamer. It has a method in the madness that seamlessly brings the promise of a game that can be built as you play it.

Even if you claim that the logo is the last thing you noticed about the game after playing it a few times, we can assure you that you will not have forgotten what it looks like and can identify it. It nearly bores its impression on your mind.

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