10 Helpful Strategies In Marketing For Introverts At Work

December 28, 2022

By: Gareth Mankoo

10 Helpful Strategies In Marketing For Introverts At Work

For a new business owner, spreading the word about your venture can help immensely. Meeting new people, cold-calling strangers, and being a social stalwart in a room full of investors can be draining if you are an introvert. Marketing for introverts should be a comfortable experience because you’re at your best in such a situation.

Who is an introvert?

There’s a misconception that introverts are people who hate being a part of social situations. In truth, introverts find exposure to social situations tiring.

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Source: Cypress College
Source: Cypress College

Unlike extroverts, who feel energized in the public eye, introverts require time to collect themselves and regroup. This trait affects the way they do business. Some great strategies can aid marketing for introverts.

Can introverts do marketing?

Marketing used to require impeccable social skills before. With the emergence of a purely digital world, you can market your business without physically meeting someone or addressing a room full of high-ranking business leaders.

You still need to communicate with stakeholders and customers about your business. If you are a start-up in need of funding, you can only expect to receive funding by pitching your product to a room full of investors.

So, as an introvert, is marketing a business function you can explore? Of course, it is.

Marketing for introverts techniques to help you brave the wilderness

Avoiding social situations may be your first decision as an introvert. Marketing for introverts needn’t be a harrowing or draining experience. Here are ten practices you can adopt to deal with any business situation.

1. Start slow

It gets easier to overcome any hurdle if you have the time to plan and execute your ideas. With the increasing demand to grow businesses across all social media and brand marketing platforms, you may get into too many things too soon, including communicating with strangers.

Begin with mass communication messages via social media or email marketing. Reaching out to a more extensive, generic audience is more effortless. Such communication messages have a typical call-to-action with an email address to write to or a webpage to visit. This way, you aren’t approached directly by customers and do not need to have one-on-one dialogs with them.

The more generic your communication messages are, the easier it is to conduct marketing for introverts. Next, reach out to a smaller base through personal messages. Acknowledge their responses to your advertisements and gradually build a more extensive base.

2. Remember your passions

Know why you started. There is no greater motivation than your first thought before beginning this exciting journey. Marketing for introverts can be easier if strong passions drive them.

Source: John Spencer
Source: John Spencer

You love what you do and believe in its success. This belief keeps you going; it’s what got you started and will lead you to your destiny. There is no antidote to social skills other than this mindset.

3. Try to embrace social media

Social media is a fantastic tool for an introvert who wants to communicate with many people. When you communicate as a brand, you do not reveal your name. Your customers see your content coming from a brand’s page or handle. Even in their responses, they address your company rather than naming you. This veil works as a shield of confidence for any introvert.

Source: WordStream
Source: WordStream

Social media may have the word “social” in its name, but it is the best avenue to communicate with many people without revealing your identity.

4. Tap into email marketing

There’s a big difference between sending an email to a person you know and sending a branded email to a massive database. Email marketing is excellent if you get exhausted from overcommunicating with your target audience.

Emails can be scheduled and sent to a fixed group of recipients in batches. The exhausting aspect of hitting the “Send” button and being anxious about it reaching its target is not a factor anymore.

Several email marketing tools can improve the design of your emails and monitor how they function.

5. Consider taking risks

The definition of risk is different for an introvert. You risk getting into social situations and communication where you believe you may not make it to the other side. One way to tackle this personality trait is to start small. Firstly, accept that taking risks is a part of doing business. Take more minor risks by getting into social situations where you deal with a handful of people.

Once you gain confidence in your risk-taking abilities, plunge into deeper waters. Over time, you will realize that some risks are worth taking. These interactions also help you overcome your introverted problems in non-business-related situations.

6. Manage your time and energy

The main symptom of being an introvert is feeling drained on social occasions. To counter this, you need to build up some reserve energy. Rest well, take well-timed breaks between work, and prepare well before social events.

Exercise regularly and spend time with near and dear ones with whom you are comfortable. This interaction helps you recharge and be ready for any possible interaction with non-acquaintances and larger social groups. If you are uncomfortable in a setting that isn’t related to your business, step out of the room and find a place to reflect on yourself, tune into your favorite music, and grab your favorite snack.

7. Automate email and social media posts

The power of social media marketing and email marketing is that both these mediums can be completely automated. They do not require you to publish your ads or send emails manually. You can carry out your activities when you’re ready and in your best spirits.

Schedule your emails and social media posts to go out at appropriate times that are conducive to your business. Research the best times to send out your communication and automate all your advertising so that you are not under pressure to deliver advertisements when you are not mentally ready for them.

8. Clarify your availability

Business meetings can be mentally taxing for an introvert. It’s best to be clear about when you are available to take a meeting so that your schedule is clear and your mind is ready to take on a new interaction.

9. Prepare for meetings in advance

Meeting someone in person can be a grueling experience for an introvert. Preparation can help. Understand the agenda of the meeting and list down the possible things expected from you. Find your strategy to deal with each situation you may encounter while preparing for something unexpected.

Have all your documents and referral material within reach during the meeting, digitally and physically.

10. Know when it’s time to step away

You’re brave enough to fight your natural urge to be in isolation, but everything has its limits. There may be an occasion where you begin to feel drained in a social situation, especially if you are dealing with eccentric personalities who put you in an uncomfortable situation. If you feel that you may be reaching your threshold, it is better to step away sooner rather than later.

Source: Introvert, Dear
Source: Introvert, Dear

Be polite in the way you step out of the room. Apologize for your sudden need to leave. Request a reschedule if all the points on the agenda haven’t been covered. The same can be said for your social media interactions. A short digital detox can go a long way toward helping you reset.

Frequently asked questions about marketing for introverts

What are some commonly asked questions about marketing for introverts? Get your questions answered with these three FAQs.

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1. Is it OK to be an introvert at work?

Yes! It's not "wrong" for introverts to want nothing more than to show up to work and get some actual work done; this is a perfectly reasonable desire (vs. making small talk). Finding work that fits our introverted natures can be challenging, but being an introvert in the workplace is challenging in general.

2. What are introverts like at work?

Introverts are known to be meticulous and laser-focused, but they also have a tendency to overthink their work. When something isn't perfect, it causes frustration and anxiety, which hinders teamwork. Don't let a need for perfection get in the way of collaborating productively with others.

3. Why do introverts struggle at work?

Because they aren't the ones who always speak up or because they prefer to think independently, introverts may feel marginalized in group settings. Their emotions and perceptions are their lenses.

Bottom line

These strategies prove that marketing for introverts is possible. With the right tools and strategies, you can handle increasing social interactions without your acquaintances realizing you are an introvert.

Your passion has brought you so far as a business leader and marketer. All it takes is the right attitude and being kind to yourself. Every social occasion will be within your control.

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