How to Improve Your SEO and Get Your Webpage Noticed

March 3, 2021
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You've just written your latest blog post or uploaded a new webpage to your website, and you want to make sure that Google knows about it…. Like right now, not next week. We have been researching and creating new webpages for different kinds of logos, and as part of that process, we wanted to be sure that the new pages were indexed by Google as soon as possible.

We were told that to have google index our pages faster; we can follow these simple steps. Really what this means is that we are going to request indexing for a URL. Officially, Google says that this can take "up to a week or two," BUT our test showed indexing in less than 2 minutes. Yes, less than 120 seconds.

First things first, this advice assumes that you have an account at Google Search Console. If you don't, head over to and click on "Start Now."

Ok, now you have an account at GSC (Google Search Console), so log in and click on the "URL Inspection" in the left menu. You'll see that the "Inspect any URL" at the top gets highlighted.

Now, paste in the full URL of your brand new webpage or shiny new blog post, and be sure to include the https://

Click "Request Indexing"

Now, go and take a walk around the block. Seriously, we all spend far too much time sitting in front of our computers doing video conferencing, so let's take a 20-minute break. The real reason? Your page should be crawled and available in the Google search results within 20 mins to an hour. Hang on a minute, maybe put the walk on hold for right now because when we tested it, the indexing was done in less than 120 seconds.

To verify that your URL is now in the Google index, you can search in Google for site+url

It should look something like this:

You can check Google every few minutes and see when your new page is available in the search results.

We actually ran a test on this blog post dated 9 July 2020

Here's the screenshot showing that it wasn't in the search results of Google:

Then we go into our Google Search Console and add it to the URL Inspection:

You can see here that we requested Google index the page:

And then, literally less than 120 seconds later, we recheck Google, and the page is in the search results!

Simply amazing, right? If you've gotten this far in the steps and are still confused, we recommend checking out this useful 4-minute video from Michael Quinn, which covers how to submit a URL to Google using the URL Inspection tool

The official help post by Google about this is at, but we hope that you'll be able just to use the steps we've outlined here to get your webpage or blog post indexed by Google instantly!

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