Create Your Own Logo: Design Quality And Cost-Efficient Logos For Your New Business

November 23, 2021
Authored by:
Kari Amarnani

Your logo is your business’s visual identity.

In the hustle and bustle of building a business and getting sales, one thing that often takes the backseat is good branding. You may have a great business name, strong brand colors, and more. But branding isn’t limited to that. Your business needs a great logo.

The question is— how do you get one?

Online logo makers significantly reduce the stress, time, and energy of looking for a designer to create your perfect logo. A good logo maker can provide you with accessible and professional logos for your brand.

What Is The Best Logo Maker? is a platform that offers an AI-powered logo maker, a business name generator, a domain name, website builder, social media kit, and basically everything you need to launch your business quickly and efficiently. was created to make the branding process faster and affordable while maintaining quality at every step. The average price a business owner spends on their logo is around $300 to $1300. That is a significant amount that can be otherwise spent on projects that help boost your business.

With, it only takes around 20 to 30 minutes to design a professional logo. To get started, all you have to do is add your business name and slogan (if you have one) to receive a wide range of logo designs that you can customize from A to Z. 

“Would give them 100 stars! The entire process was fun and simple! Questions are responded to immediately! I absolutely LOVE my logo and the value and service that provided me was amazing!” — Stephanie

The best part is that you receive a brand new logo along with a free domain name, a social media kit, a website builder, and almost everything else you need to take your business online. 

Is A Good Choice For You?

If you’re looking for an online tool that can give you a stunning, meaningful, and memorable logo without spending a fortune on it, then is definitely for you.

Working with a designer can be a time-consuming and costly affair. You’ll first have to find a great designer, explain your design and preferences to them, and go through multiple iterations (that can take up weeks before you get the finished product). 

“My experience with was better than excellent! I managed to create an outstanding logo that none of the designers I worked with could develop. But not only that, when I had an issue with the downloadable files, the support team went above and beyond to solve it in no time! Thanks for a great experience.” — Fede

As a business owner, you have a certain vision of your logo. That is precisely why’s logo maker offers you the flexibility and creative freedom to design a logo that not only stands true to your vision but also helps your business. 

Their services are ideal for startups, solopreneurs, and small businesses. New businesses need to be mindful of their expenses, however, they need strong branding elements. With an online logo maker, they can get a great logo without spending a fortune.

How Do I Make A Logo Online?

As a logo maker, is incredibly intuitive and simple, which is an advantage if you have little experience using logo makers. You can create your own logo and download it in just a few simple steps.

Here’s how the logo maker works to give you a stunning logo:

  • Start by typing in the name of your business.
  • Add a slogan/tagline if you have one. If not, skip this step. 
  • Consider adding your industry or business category for more relevant designs.
  • Check the hundreds of logo designs and pick the one you like the best.
  • Customize the design you like according to your preferences.
  • Choose from a set of premium fonts, brand colors, and icons. 
  • Download your final design and flaunt it. gives you that “WOW!” moment where you get the logo that you love.

As a business owner, you know what you want in a logo. However, communicating that vision to a designer may not be that easy. A logo maker puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you all the necessary tools to make your vision come to life.

“ was very easy to use. There was a lot of selection in terms of fonts, pictures, and designs. Once you find the logo you want you can decide what it will look like in terms of shapes, sizes, and styles. The cost of purchasing the logo was very reasonable. I am very pleased with my logo. It looks clean and professional. I would definitely consider using again. Other people that I spoke to were very impressed with my logo as well.” — Alan

How Long Does It Take To Create A Logo?

How much time you take with the creative process is up to you. But you can create your own logo on in less than 30 minutes. Most of our users have designed their beautiful logos in almost 20 minutes.

Can I Customize My Logo?

Yes, you can change the fonts, colors, layout, background, icons and more in our logo editor. Choose a template your like and customize it to make it your own. It doesn't require any design knowledge and our customers have describe the process as fun.

What Are Some Of The Top Features Of An Online Logo Maker?

Here are some of the (many) features of that can help you create your own logo design.

High Resolution And Vector Images offers high-resolution vector images that ensure that your logo looks crisp and clean whether it’s on a billboard or a small online banner. This is the kind of flexibility businesses need for their branding.

Full Ownership Of The Logo

When you download a logo from, you’ll have complete ownership of the design. However, it is essential to note that ownership and a trademark are not the same things. Though can assure that the design is entirely yours, it cannot stop other people from replicating your logo. 

It is highly recommended that you trademark your logo and secure the design from people who may copy it.

Flexible Dashboard

You can access your logos any time you prefer. Your work is safe and secure in the system, and your logos are ready to be downloaded 24x7.

As a growing business, your brand look and feel may change over time. If you need to edit or change your logo to portray new principles, you may access your saved logo and make the appropriate adjustments.

Social Media Kit

Social media is an effective strategy for connecting with people and getting them to engage with you.

A great way to build credibility is to make your social media presence consistent. A social media kit offers this consistency. gives you ready-to-use files for all your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter so that you can get started in no time.

Business Card Templates

Business cards are essential to form and build business relationships. Imagine being at a networking event and having a great conversation with a potential client. A great way to ensure that they remember you and get back to you is by giving them your business card.

As part of the complete branding package, offers hundreds of business card designs to help you get one that not only looks stunning but also helps you communicate your brand personality.

Free Domain Name

When you purchase a logo, you also receive a free domain name to help you get your business off the ground. Starting a business requires a lot of running pieces. makes it easier for you to get started.’s Pricing

Logo Maker Pricing offers three kits (one-time payments) and three subscription plans billed annually. Each service is curated with tools and resources you might need in building your business. 

From needing one fast and quick logo to needing multiple logos and other important branding elements, there is a payment plan perfectly suited to these preferences. You can get a logo kit for as little as $20 and it goes as high as $100. These plans include access to all your logo files, a free domain name, full ownership of your logo, freedom to edit it later, social media kit, and more.

Create Your Own Logo Today! is one of the most helpful and efficient services in the market because of its genuine desire to help business owners, startups, and professionals in getting their business off the ground. 

Every feature on the platform is cost-efficient and carefully curated for the specific needs of a new business. 

Customer representatives are consistently responsive and ready to help you regarding any matter. A world of resources is available when you need inspiration and insight. Quality services that would usually go for double or triple the cost in other markets are delivered to you in minutes.

Check out’s logo maker and build your brand today!

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