5 Tips For An Effective Domain Name

December 12, 2019
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When you're done building your logo, it's time to get the other pieces of brand setup. The 1st one should be your domain name. Dynadot outlines 5 tips for an effective domain name.

5 Tips for an Effective Domain Name

In the process of starting a new business, you might think that you're ready to design your logo after deciding on the perfect brand name. However, don't forget one essential step: registering your brand name as a domain name. You'll be surprised at how many businesses start creating their logo and investing in branding before securing their domain name, only to find that it's unavailable. Your domain name is like your online storefront, so you want to ensure that it is simple, memorable, and meaningful. Keep these tips in mind when finding the best domain name for your brand.

What does it mean?

Does the meaning of your domain name align with your brand's mission or product? For example, the cleaning product Ajax is named after the Greek mythology hero Ajax who had the strength to "clean up" during battle without assistance. By this association, you can expect the product to be so strong that you won't need any other product. Alternatively, you can use a simple but effective descriptive name, like Facebook. Get creative and search for words that convey the meaning of your brand in the fewest number of words.

Test it verbally

Before making a final decision on a domain name, do a verbal test first. Say your domain name to someone who does not know it and ask them to spell it out. The result can tell you whether your domain sounds too complicated. Did they struggle to spell it, or did they understand it immediately? This is especially important if you ever decide to advertise in podcasts, videos, or on the radio. Don't lose potential customers just because they can't figure out how to get to your website.

Check for trademarks

To save yourself legally and financially, make sure the domain name you register is not trademarked anywhere in the world. Failing to do so puts your business in jeopardy and your website at risk of being shut down.

If you find out that the domain you want is a trademark, you should probably go back to the drawing board.

.COM isn't the only choice

.COM might be your first choice for a domain extension, but there's a high possibility that the name you want is not available. .COM might be the most common doman extension, but there are hundreds of alternatives that you can choose from. You can also use .CO, .NET, .ORG, and even extensions based on industry such as .DESIGN or .TECH. If your brand name contains the word "shop" or "store" you can shorten your domain name by using a .SHOP or .STORE extension. For some brands, their domain extension is part of their brand identity, such as Brit.co. Using an uncommon domain extension can help you stand out from other brands and make your name even more memorable.

Take advantage of online tools

You're not alone in your search for the perfect domain name! There are online tools that can help. Domain suggestion tools can generate available names based on the keywords that you input. For instance, CaliWinery.com is taken, but after inputting the keywords "cali" and "winery" the domain suggestion tool will recommend TheCaliWinery.com as an available alternative. These tools are simple, effective, and ensure that you find a great domain name.

It's also important to note that just because your desired domain is already registered doesn't mean that it's impossible to get. Test your luck! First, do a WhoIs Lookup on the domain name to find out the domain owner's contact information. Depending on if they have privacy enabled, you might get the owner's contact information or their domain registrar's. Either way, you can send an email showing interest in the domain to see if the owner is willing to sell it. If so, you can make them an offer and negotiate a deal that will make the domain yours. You never know if you don't try!

Even more important than finding a domain name is choosing where to register it. At Dynadot, you can choose form over 500 domain extensions  with transparent pricing and no hidden fees. Dynadot makes it simple and straightforward to launch your online presence.

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