Zoom Branding: How To Make Your Brand Pop On Zoom

November 9, 2022

By: Kari Amarnani

Zoom Branding: How To Make Your Brand Pop On Zoom

Zoom branding is vital in this day and age—a time when most human interactions happen online.

Let’s be honest, there’s such a thing as Zoom fatigue. With the sheer number of business meetings building over time, it’s possible to feel some dread over a calendar full of schedule links.

But what if Zoom could be a way to market your brand? Imagine this: every meeting is a new opportunity to promote your business without you having to even say anything about it. How? Zoom company branding!

Expanding your personal brand is fundamental, and having Zoom feature the essential aspects of your business can help you stand out positively and influence others.

Zoom branding enables you to customize your account with high-resolution branded Zoom backgrounds that include your company’s landing page, logo, header, footer, and so much more.

Using Airbnb as an example, the landing page could look a little something like this:


Pretty awesome, huh?

Key takeaways:

  • Zoom branding allows every one of your meetings to be a marketing opportunity.
  • The requirements before you brand on Zoom are getting the paid plan, setting up a Vanity URL, and a little bit of coding work.
  • When you’re done with the requirements, all work to brand on Zoom happens in the platform’s Branding tab.
  • You can add your business name, logo, and brand colors to a personalized landing page.
  • Be a great Zoom host by being early, smiling often, checking your lighting, and sending a thank-you note afterwards.

Zoom branding requirements

Now, you might be wondering how to get started on your Zoom company branding and add professional Zoom background images to your calls. The key is in the settings and a couple of prerequisites:

1. You need to have an API paid plan or the Business or Education plan.

You can begin branding your Zoom account by signing up for a paid plan with more than ten hosts, such as Business or Education. If you already have an account, go to Billing and upgrade your plan.

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2. You need an approved Vanity URL.

What is a Vanity URL? It’s a custom URL for your company.

For example: yourcompany.zoom.us.

You can apply for a Vanity URL or use a suggested Vanity URL from Zoom. If you choose to apply, make sure that the account owner does it with an official domain and not a public domain like Gmail, Hotmail, and more.

Here are the Zoom branding guidelines for more information.

3. You need someone familiar with HTML/CSS coding.

It would help tremendously if someone in your team knows HTML and CSS to help make the changes to your Zoom company branding.

If you have these three requirements ready, let’s start configuring your Zoom account to help you market your business and stand out from the crowd.

Promote your business at every meeting with Zoom branding

Sign in to your Zoom portal. In the navigation panel, look for Advanced, then click Branding. From here, you can make all kinds of changes to your virtual room to have your Zoom branding embody your business flawlessly.

The Branding tab is going to look like this:


Let’s begin!

Upload images

Before starting the customization process, you must upload the necessary images to the database, like your business logo and a background picture. Make sure they complement each other visually.

Once you select the images you want to upload, the files will be displayed in a list with the image URL shown in the Path column.


Go ahead and use your logo design for your image, and you may use a background photo of pretty much anything you deem suitable for your business needs.

Now we can start customizing your landing page.

Customize landing page

This is the part you may want to ask someone familiar with HTML/CSS for some assistance.

The landing page is the page of your company’s Vanity URL. Click the Landing Page tab (as seen above), and from here, you can make basic changes to your Zoom branding. These little modifications come together in the end to make your landing page look professional and in-keeping with your business.

Background image

Attribute name: background-image

To alter your background image, update the URL between the quotation marks and change it to the URL of the uploaded background image. If you need to find the URL of the background image you chose previously, go back to the Images tab and copy the link in the Path column.

By the way, to find attributes faster, click Ctrl+F and start typing the attribute name.


You can change your logo by finding the URL of the logo in the Path column of the Images tab. Take note that, by default, the logo will be resized to 140px by 31.5px. If you have a custom logo, it may get distorted when uploaded to your landing page.

To avoid this problem, delete remove class="zoom-logo" from the logo URL in the landing page HTML.

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Page title

Attribute name: title

Your page title is what displays in the browser tab of the page. Choose a page title and enter it between <title> and </title>.

Text color

To modify the text color of the landing page (excluding the buttons; check below) add the color attribute within .content-body { }.

If you already have brand colors, feel free to incorporate them into the color customizations of your landing page.

💡Here’s a little design tip: Choose a lighter text color if your background is dark, and vice versa. You want your Zoom company branding elements to pop and be easily understandable.

Button color

Attribute name: background-color (under .button)

The buttons on the landing page are Join, Host, and Sign In. To change the color of the buttons, you will have to use hex color values. Need a little help? Use Color Picker to get the hex code of the colors you want on your landing page.

Button text color

Attribute: color (under .btn-text)

To change the button text color on your landing page, you’ll also have to use hex color values. Because it’s text, you might want to consider using black or white, depending on the color of the buttons.

If you chose a dark shade for the buttons, go with white, which is hex code #FFFFFF. If you selected a light shade for the buttons, choose black, which is hex code #000000. Of course, you can choose another color depending on what your business needs—just ensure that it remains legible.

Button hover color

Attribute name: background-color (under .button.hover)

What is the button hover color? It’s the color that appears when you hover your mouse over the button. It’s an excellent opportunity to incorporate more color and versatility into your landing page.

You will have to use hex values to change the color. Make sure to choose a hue that keeps the button text color readable when you hover over it and still complements the background of the page.

Whether clean, bright, or playful, your Zoom company branding presents elements unique to your business, which gives you a special edge in further establishing your brand’s professionalism.

5 ways to stand out as a brand on Zoom

Professionalism is more than just looks and beautiful branding. You can also stand out with excellent Zoom meeting habits. When you take care of your Zoom branding and employ other strategies to stand out, your business becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Zoom meeting tips
Zoom meeting tips

1. Always be five minutes early - You know how pilots enforce time-consuming flight checks to ensure everything is set for take-off? Do the same if you want to make a good first impression. A respectable business is never late.

2. Focus on your viewers - There’s nothing wrong with a bit of self-love, especially in that Zoom mirror during meetings. But do yourself a big favor and turn off self-view. Don’t focus on what you look or sound like—prioritize your audience. Connect with them wholeheartedly every step of the way.

3. Choose your Zoom background wisely - Ensure that the tone your office Zoom backgrounds are reflective of your brand. It’s a subtle way you can send a message about the values and traits of your business.

4. Be comfortable to be confident - If you’re comfortable, you’ll exude confidence. Seeing you comfortable and in your element gives your viewers a sense of calm.

5. Express gratitude afterward - Studies show that almost 54% of workers said that a simple “thank you” eases the pressure to perform while working remotely. Send your audience a genuine “thank you” during or after the meeting for taking the time to meet you. Everyone needs encouragement, so don’t skimp on any virtual pats on the back.

Frequently asked questions about Zoom branding

What are some commonly asked questions about Zoom branding? Get your questions answered with these three FAQs.

1. Does Zoom allow for branding?

Yes. Make a custom Vanity URL for your Zoom account and use your company's logo and branding. These support resources will help you set up branding so that you can set up SSO and customize email templates.

2. What does company branding mean in Zoom?

It is a great way to get your brand in front of people who deal with your business. There is a tab in the admin drop-down menu called "Branding" that lets companies make a landing page, add a logo, and change the headers and footers of email notifications.

3. Should you smile on Zoom?

Yes. You can show that they are paying attention and understand what is being said by smiling or nodding from time to time. Psychologists who study how people act in virtual meetings suggest that people smile 50% more often than they would in a real meeting to make the interaction more "human" and show that they are interested.

Over to you

If there’s something you want your business to be known for (among other things, of course), it’s the one that makes virtual meetings fun and valuable. Zoom meetings should not be gloomy and dreadful; it’s an excellent opportunity for you to stand out and make your mark in a new, unique way.

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