The Design Behind the Trump - Pence 2020 Campaign Logo

November 2, 2020
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We have curated responses from industry professionals on the Trump-Pence 2020 campaign logo. As we all know, a political logo design conveys so much more than simple words. The theme of a campaign, its characteristics and personality all shine through the logo for a political race.

The Trump Pence logo for their 2020 campaign is no different. While most of those providing feedback on the Trump Pence logo were open about who they were, we did have one request for anonymity. All we are allowed to say is that it is from a senior staffer on a Democratic primary campaign - we are glad to have their opinion for this piece. It will be another four years until we get to take another look at Presidential campaign logos!

The Trump Pence Logo for 2016 was a visual disaster which was pulled and replaced. Wired magazine drilled down on the poor design in July 2016 when the offensive Trump Pence 2016 campaign logo was first revealed.

The Ins and Outs of the New Trump-Pence Logo | WIRED

The 2016 replacement was much simpler:

Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign - Wikipedia

And now we have the 2020 version of the Trump Pence Campaign logo, which looks, well, almost identical to the 2016 version:

Donald Trump 2020 presidential campaign - Wikipedia

Here are thoughts we have gathered from contributors about the Trump Pence 2020 Campaign Logo.

Christopher Hanson The Design Behind The Trump - Pence Logo

Christopher Hanson

Given that the initial intertwined Trump-Pence logo was a visual disaster, the heavy block font of the mainstay Trump Pence logo, reversed out of solid blue with red accents, is a very strong, legible from afar, and commanding logo and brand. More so than any campaign logo in recent decades, the Trump-Pence logo and signage identity is free of any frilly graphic attempts to be swirly, cute, flowing, or directional. Steadfast, strong, America-first, and never wavering is clearly the Trump message behind the simple logo.

Suzy Wagner The Design Behind The Trump - Pence Logo

Suzy Wagner

The logo lacks any imagination in design. When I saw that it had easily been “enhanced” to say, “I Pump Penis” I realized how bad it really was. In design, you’ve got to think through all of the evolutions of your logo, how to strengthen and troubleshoot it. The fact that some high school kids were able to adopt a different meaning to this logo shows how poor this design is.

Senior Campaign Staffer for Alternative Presidential Candidate The Design Behind the Trump - Pence Logo

Senior Campaign Staffer for Alternative Presidential Candidate

Trump/Pence's logo is simply a sans serif version of the massive "Trump (Tower)" signs Donald Trump likes to put on his real estate. It screams authority and "Republican," and if he could make it any more bold, I bet he would. Notably, while there is only a slight difference in font size between "Biden" and "Harris" in Joe Biden's logo, "Trump" is almost twice as large as "Pence" in Donald Trump's. It's amazing that the campaign kept "Make America Great Again" as their slogan after Trump and Pence spent four years in the White House doing the exact opposite.

Anne-Marie Emanuelli The Design Behind The Trump - Pence 2020 Campaign Logo

Anne-Marie Emanuelli

In keeping with the US flag colors, this logo uses red, white and blue.  The red stars at the top are balanced by a red 2020 at the bottom. TRUMP is larger than PENCE and is blue whereas PENCE is in red. The slogan is "Make America Great Again!" Interestingly, other logos had the slogan "Keep American Great'"Again, as mentioned previously, it is not clear which design is the official campaign logo. From an iconography perspective, it doesn't make sense to have red stars if the motif is the US flag. However, from a design perspective, the red stars allow for Trump's name to be in blue and his slogan to also be in blue. Red is used for Pence in order to alternate colors between blue and red. The fonts used are apparently Akzidenz-Grotesk Bold Extended for TRUMP and FF Meta Bold for the slogan. Mixing fonts is not uncommon in graphic designs. The fonts used on this logo are up to date and fairly neutral in tone, neither modern nor classic. Sans serif types tend to reproduce and read better than classic serifs.

Christopher Hanson

My name is Baron Christopher Hanson. I have been a turnaround consultant and PR firm owner for over 25+ years, which includes logo design and brand redevelopment. Please see for decades of logo samples. I have written for Harvard Business Review, SmartBrief, and dozens of national publications. I also graduated from Harvard twice with honors. Our company is located in Charleston-Charlotte, Washington-McLean, and Palm Beach-Miami seasonally. I have also been a republican strategist and campaign consultant.

Suzy Wagner

A media, advertising, and public relations dynamo, with experience that spans TIME Magazine, Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal and Edelman Public Relations, Suzy is the person you want on your team when you have a communications problem to solve; a brand to build or a business to grow. Throughout her 25+ year career in Washington DC, Suzy has worked with almost every household name as well as with government and defense clients. Her energy and can-do attitude are contagious. Building smart strategies focused on ROI and with an eye on the bottom line, Suzy loves nothing more than creating programs that will drive success for your organization. Success is measured differently for each client. Suzy creates custom solutions -- building your brand; elevating awareness through high profile media; growing your social media channels or producing new content to reach key stakeholder audiences. “Brand and Buzz” is what she does.

Senior Campaign Staffer for Alternative Presidential Candidate

Anne-Marie Emanuelli

Anne-Marie Emanuelli is a long-time graphic designer and former art director of Emanuelli Advertising Design in Taos, NM. She studied graphic and communication design at the University of Denver (CO; BFA 1983) and Pratt Institute (NYC; MS 1989). Prior to changing careers due to choosing to start a family, she was advertising, web and graphic designer at The Taos News (1984-1994) and Emanuelli Advertising Design 1994-2005. EMAD was one of the original graphics and web design companies in northern New Mexico, when the Internet came to the area in 1995.

In 2020, she has creatively changed careers once again (timely as it were due to the pandemic) as Creative Director and founder of Mindful Frontiers. Recently retired after 25 years as a classroom teacher, she founded Mindful Frontiers to offer guidance, online courses, and coaching for families, adults, and educators seeking the benefits of mindful meditation. Her background in mindfulness and meditation includes credentials from in curriculum, difficult emotions, compassion and mindful communication.