LOGO.com Appoints Kellie Peterson As The New CEO

February 23, 2023
Authored by:
Kari Amarnani

LOGO.com, the world's best free logo maker and brand-building platform, has announced Kellie Peterson as its new CEO, an experienced business leader who has worked in senior roles across several SaaS companies. Richard Lau, who held that role for several years and will remain as President of LOGO.com.

Under Lau's leadership, LOGO.com has experienced rapid expansion. The company has pivoted to providing high-quality, free logos and an affordable branding suite to help its customers launch their projects or businesses in minutes with little to no branding or design experience necessary.

“I'm thrilled to have Kellie join the LOGO.com team,” Lau said. “We are fortunate to have her as our new leader as she brings her impressive resume, wealth of experience, and enthusiasm for the opportunity ahead.”
Kellie Peterson joins the free logo maker as the new CEO

In her most recent role as the Head of Domains at Automattic, the parent company of WordPress.com, Peterson led the team responsible for all aspects of retailing domain names.

With more than twenty years in the domain name and web hosting industries, she’s previously held roles as the President and Chief Strategy Officer at Directnic, Business Development Director at Endurance, and EVP at Name.com

Now, venturing into the world of another premium domain, Peterson plans to lead LOGO.com into its next phase of growth with her trademark combination of kindness and candor.

She intends to bring the power of high-quality free logos to all corners of the world to assist individuals and organizations in creating meaningful brands.

“Throughout my life and career, I’m always happiest when I’m helping others. Whether helping salespeople or entrepreneurs create effective presentations at a print shop, assisting an overwhelmed shopper to select a great-tasting bargain bottle of wine, or finding the perfect domain name for a new business. Helping others be successful is my passion, and I’m excited to continue that journey with LOGO.com.”

The future of LOGO.com

With continued determination to help people follow their dreams, LOGO.com is well-equipped to provide the best possible branding experience to all of its customers.

“In these stressful and volatile times, so many people are looking for meaning beyond their jobs. I want LOGO.com to become the trusted partner who helps them launch their idea and grow it into whatever they want it to be. We’ll do that by continually improving the tools we already offer and expanding our offerings to ensure the success of our customers,” Peterson concludes.

With their new, upcoming tools and services geared toward helping people launch their businesses with no disruptions, LOGO.com is poised to be the go-to partner to make your ideal venture into a reality.

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