How to Edit or Create a New Logo

January 1, 2024

By: Alisha

How to Edit or Create a New Logo

With a LOGO account, you can create a professional logo with unlimited edits to launch your business from start to success.

By the end of this article, you will have:

  1. Created a new logo for your business (you could create a new one or edit your existing one)
  2. The complete set of logo files
  3. Your brand guidelines
  4. Your brand information added to your dashboard for a more customised experience

Section 1. Getting your business logo ready

There are a few ways you can go about this.

Option 2: If you’d like to redesign your logo, log into your dashboard, and click on "Brand" > "Edit your Logo". This will take you to the logo editor where you can change every aspect of your logo including the original template.

edit your free logo

Another way to create a new logo is to go to and start by entering your business name.

business name generator

All the steps after adding a business name are optional and can be skipped. However, adding those details will help the logo editor customize the logo templates for you. Once you’ve added your business name, follow these steps to design your logo.

Step 1: The next step will prompt you to add a slogan for your business. While this is optional, a good slogan can help build your brand’s personality and build a connection with your customers.

free logo with slogan

Here’s a good resource to come up with a good slogan.

Step 2: Select your industry from the dropdown.

create a free logo with industry

Step 3: If there are any specific colors you’d like to include, select them here.

select color to create a free logo

Step 4: The next step is to choose the font style. You can select all or skip this step.

select font to create a free logo

Step 5: The next step will prompt you to add keywords. The words you enter here will help the logo editor find appropriate icons for your logo.

add keywords to create a free logo

Once you've entered all the details, the Logo Design Engine will generate a list of templates based on the criteria you've entered. Choose a logo template you like and click on ‘customize’ to edit your template.

free logo ideas
edit your free logo

To finalize your logo, you can either go through the different options on the left side of the menu by selecting them or clicking 'Next'. You can also select 'Get Logo' in the top right.

Section 2. Download your logo files

Once you have added all your information, the platform will take you to your dashboard where you can download your logo files.

download your logo files

Here, you’ll find links to download your logo files and details of all the visual elements of your brand.

view your logo files

To learn more about the different logo files and how they can be used, refer to this resource here.

Section 3: Get your brand guidelines

Brand guidelines is a document that provides information on how to use your brand assets to build consistency and brand recognition across platforms. It includes details of your color palette and fonts. It also includes the correct and incorrect way to use your logo when mentioning your brand online or offline.

You can access your brand guidelines from your dashboard’s left-hand menu under ‘Your Brand’.

Congratulations! You’re one step closer to bringing your business to life. Still need help? Please reach out to [email protected].

If you are a LOGO Pro subscriber, you get prioritized support!

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