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Key Features

  • 50 GB Email Storage
  • Inbuilt Calendar and Contacts
  • Follow-up Reminders
  • Priority Inbox
  • Read Receipts
  • Email Templates
  • Multi-account Support
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Send Later
  • Contact Groups
  • One-click import of existing emails and contacts

Why you should choose Titan for your email

Titan is one of the highest-rated professional email catering specifically to small businesses. The platform enables you to set-up and go live with your custom email in minutes. Be it your desktop or mobile, your email will always work.

Email Delivery

Your email will always reach its destination.


Highly advanced security measures.


Titan’s webmail and mobile apps work on all devices.


Get help with our dedicated support staff.

Features to take your business to the next level

Know when your emails are read

Know when your emails are read Don’t lose sleep, wondering if your prospect read that crucial quote. Get notified the moment your email gets opened with Read Receipts.

Know when your emails are read

Don’t reinvent the wheel for every email

Save time by saving your frequently sent responses as email templates for easy access.

Don’t reinvent the wheel for every email

Write now, send later

Give your messages the attention they deserve by making sure they’re sent at the optimal time for your recipient.

Write now, send later

Follow up on time, every time

Never drop the ball midway through a conversation with Follow-up Reminders that let you circle back on important emails at the right time, every time.

Follow up on time, every time

Save time when sending emails

Group frequently emailed recipients to reach out to them simultaneously, so you no longer have to add each email address when composing a new message.

 Save time when sending emails

Add an additional layer of security

Two-Factor Authentication ensures only you can access your account by entering both a dynamic secret code and your account password.

Add an additional layer of security

Titan is the highest-rated email platform for small businesses

Frequently asked questions

What is a business email?

A business email is an email address you use for your business that matches your business name or the domain of your website. It is an email address that ends in @yourbusiness or @yourdomainname, plus your top level domain (e.g. .com or .site), whereas a free, generic email will have a generic domain. Since your business email is aligned to your business name, it allows clients and customers to recognize you, and helps to gain trust and legitimacy.

Is Titan an email hosting service?

Yes. Email hosting is a service that enables you to set up a custom email address, send and receive emails, and store related files on a server. While setting up hosted email services, your website from your current web host will still be able to operate at full scale.

Is Titan included in the LOGO Pro subscription?

No, Titan isn’t included in the LOGO Pro subscription and will require a separate purchase. However, LOGO Pro customers get a free trial of Titan email for up to three months.

Do I need to have a website or create a business email address with Titan?

You don’t need an active website to use Titan, but you do need your own domain name. By using your domain for both a website and an email address, you create a more trusted business presence. Click on ‘Domains’ in the left-hand menu of your dashboard to register your domain name.

Can I migrate my existing account to Titan?

Yes. Titan comes with built-in migration tools to help you easily move existing email data to your Titan account. If you run into trouble with the migration at any point, our dedicated support staff is available 24/7 to help you out.

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