34 Entrepreneurs Share Their Secret To Starting A Business

Kassy Killey


People tend to think marketing is about advertising, using discounts, posting on social media, and maybe having a website. But when you are just getting started your most important marketing tool is the people you know. While you can be successful without a good network, knowing people, especially the right people in your target audience or those who are connected to your ideal customer, will give you that initial boost and momentum to get started and help increase the effectiveness of all of your marketing efforts.

Don’t hesitate to get out in the community and talk to people, build connections, and let them know what you’re doing to get some buzz going organically. I’ve found that personal relationships are a key ingredient in the marketing mix of successful businesses. Having a well-rounded marketing plan that includes using a variety of marketing channels, such as SEO, social media, email marketing, publicity, event marketing, etc. is important too. You need to have brand awareness out there to supplement and encourage word-of-mouth marketing.

Relying on personal connections alone can take time to build up, but the bigger your network of friends, family, and all your other personal connections, the faster you can grow. So get out there networking, volunteering, and attending events where you get a chance to connect and build relationships with your audience. And let your passions for your business shine! Let them feel the excitement and energy. It’s contagious! Finding influencers and those well-connected among your ideal customers is going to be even more beneficial. But don’t try to use them to build your business. Take the time to build real friendships or partnerships with these people. Real connections are what matter for our soul and for our business.