The Design Behind the Trump - Pence 2020 Campaign Logo

In keeping with the US flag colors, this logo uses red, white and blue. The red stars at the top are balanced by a red 2020 at the bottom. TRUMP is larger than PENCE and is blue whereas PENCE is in red. The slogan is "Make America Great Again!" Interestingly, other logos had the slogan "Keep American Great'"Again, as mentioned previously, it is not clear which design is the official campaign logo. From an iconography perspective, it doesn't make sense to have red stars if the motif is the US flag. However, from a design perspective, the red stars allow for Trump's name to be in blue and his slogan to also be in blue. Red is used for Pence in order to alternate colors between blue and red. The fonts used are apparently Akzidenz-Grotesk Bold Extended for TRUMP and FF Meta Bold for the slogan. Mixing fonts is not uncommon in graphic designs. The fonts used on this logo are up to date and fairly neutral in tone, neither modern nor classic. Sans serif types tend to reproduce and read better than classic serifs.