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Open a new revenue channel and give your customers access to beautiful logos. offers multiple ways for you to integrate our services.

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Join our industry leading affiliate program and add that new revenue channel overnight. The affiliate program has high commission rates, multiple platform options, and easy integration. We run on more than just one affiliate platform to offer you the maximum flexibility for your Affiliate Linking options. You will find that we value and cherish our affiliates.

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White Label

Want a custom solution that's tailored to your business? With just a little bit of information we can setup your custom branded logo builder. This can run under your own domain name. In fact, itself runs on our white label system. Check out as an example of a white-label website that can be set up quickly and easily under your own brand, domain and website.

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Our simple, robust, REST API powers It's the same powerful API you can use to serve your own logos within your own software or SaaS solution. The possibilities are endless from building your own editor to direct integrations within your own website building dashboard. Contact us to obtain API documentation or to chat about how we can support you in integrating your backend with ours.

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With our variety of partner options we can create almost any custom integration. If you can image a creative or optimal way of partnering but aren't sure how it would fit, reach out, we'd love to hear your ideas and work on something new and exciting with you.