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Whether it’s your portfolio or small business homepage, a simple One Page Site offers a seamless experience for your users to learn more about you.

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Why make a One Page Site?

A one-page website is quick to create and easy to maintain. It’s a convenient way to give your site visitors all the important details about your brand. Add your One Page Site’s domain name to your business card, email signature, letterheads, and social media to drive more potential customers to your business. The best part – it’s free!

Everything you can do with a One Page Site

Turn visitors into customers by looking more professional
Manage all your key information in one convenient place
Start selling your product/services from day one
Look great online with a beautiful brand presence

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Keep your site visitors in one place rather than sending them through multiple pages to get the information they need.

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What good is a site without a domain name! A domain name lets your visitors know where to find you.

If you aren’t ready to buy a domain name yet, you can still launch your One Page Site comes with a free domain name.

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David Tuffy

After forming an LLC, I didn't know where to go to create a logo and assets for my website. Then I found They created a selection of logos for me to choose from in all the sizes I needed. In addition, provided me with a set of branding materials for my website and social media presence. The process is easy, fast, and requires no processional design experience.

David Tuffy, The Product Levers, LLC
Todd Salzsieder

I have never attempted developing a logo or other marketing products, and am no expert at navigating new computer software. That being said, I not only found the software easy to navigate and learn, but the end product was more than I had hoped for. The help team at was highly responsive and willing to help with any questions I had in a clear and rapid manner. I am very pleased with the team at and the products I created. I highly recommend their service!

Todd Salzsieder | Boise Behavioral Medicine PLLC
Marvin Younan
StarStarStarStarStar is an amazing resource. It helped me create a professional-looking logo for my business that received more praise than logos I've paid designers to create for me in the past. The site is very easy to use, walks you through every step, and gives you control over the entire creation process.

Marvin Younan | Your Modern Lender
Adrian Frese

I am not a designer, but creating my brand identity through was delightfully easy and cost-effective. I am very pleased with the outcome, and I couldn't have achieved the same standard on my own. I highly recommend this to any start-up business looking to set up its brand identity or any established business looking to get its brand an upgrade!

Adrian Frese | Albina Consulting

If you are looking for a more professional logo for your growing business, you will find it here! The team took extra time to help us make our logo the way we wanted it, without making us feel like a burden or charging any extra. We would HIGHLY recommend them to any small business looking to create a more professional logo!

Mandy Haffer de Ramírez | Sin Miedo al Éxito Spanish
StarStarStarStarStar has been an enjoyable experience. The UI is intuitive and makes a cut-above for entrepreneurs to consider the company as an asset to their marketing and design. The staff at have been friendly and professionally accommodating at every turn. I would recommend to other business owners.

Fraya Harris | Fraya Harris LLC

I had sketched my dream logo on a piece of paper and didn't know how to create it on a computer or even how to design it as well as the colour pallet to use. made all this very easy and beautiful. Long story short, my baby company has a brand new logo that's not only unique but very beautiful. Thank you

Nankinga Patricia Kaweesi | NKAZ

I am not a designer. I have a hard time with constructive drawings. It is difficult for me to draw a logo that is both aesthetic and constructive. Therefore, this is a very good way to make your logo quickly. It's very simple: we give the keywords, ideas, and then the system offers its design options. You can immediately see how it will look on various objects, such as: documents, merch, signs, etc. Nice! I am happy:)

александр шабловский | JavaGreatPet

The team has been extremely helpful and willing to resolve any issues or answer any questions promptly. I am glad I decided to work with them and recommend using them.

Andrew Gibson | Premier Electrical Solutions & Contracting

Extremely easy and user friendly! I had no clue how to create a logo, but that did not matter. made everything extremely easy and user friendly. I'm extremely happy with everything!

Todd Johnson | Todd Johnson Home Loans

Best professional logo maker - I have tried creating logos in the past and didn’t like the samples they had. I came across and I was amazed. I created a professional logo. My friends were amazed and asked where I got it and I said,“”.

Abraham Yoder | Elite Seamless Roofing

I love my logo!! These guys made it really easy for me. Classy and professional was the look and feel that I was going for.

Maleka Parker | Parker & Vaughn Advocacy

The logo I got as a result of the day was better than I imagined. So many files, you won't even know what to do with them all. It's just good.

Finley Graham

Frequently asked questions

Is the One Page Site really free?

Any user can edit and publish a free One Page website using a free domain name (business When you subscribe to the Brand Plan, more capabilities, including setting up your brand with business stationery and social media presence become available.

Why would you need a One Page Site?

Having an online presence makes all the difference. Business owners, bloggers, designers, developers, photographers, and pretty much everyone else can highlight their online presence with a One Page Site. Whatever your occupation, interest, or passion, a website allows you to share it with the world.

Having a website allows you to direct visitors to it to learn more about you and your offerings. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to set up. The distinction is entirely in having an online presence.

Will this One Page Site help me with SEO?

SEO-wise, One Page sites are just as effective as multi-page ones. What matters is the content you share with your users and how useful it is for them.’s One Page Site is built with search engine optimization in mind. Add good-quality content and you’ll have a site that shows up at the top of search results.

Do I need coding skills to build the One Page Site?

Absolutely not. You can create and manage your One Page Site without any coding knowledge. is the most beginner-friendly brand-building solution in the market.

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