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Tiffany Burghart

The Stoke Fam
About Tiffany Burghart

Tiffany is co-founder of thestokefam.com, a family travel, homeschool, and adventure blog, with her husband, John, where they share practical advice to help families stress less, make the most of their time, and stretch their dollars. You'll often find her having fun snowboarding with her family, though her happy place would be a tropical island or the top of a hike with a killer view on a warm, summer day. Most importantly, she believes that doing what lights you up (aka your stoke) shouldn't stop when you have kids and aspires to help other families find their stoke.

By creating practical advice and helpful content, The Stoke Fam empowers families to get out and explore together, whether they prefer snowboarding, hiking, camping, or traveling to new parts of the world. In 2019, they created @thestokefam on Instagram with the goal of sharing stories that resonate, tips for adventuring with kids, and beautiful photos with their followers. As a result, they are growing a highly engaged, organic audience who values their advice. In addition, on their blog, The Stoke Fam, they provide gear and destination guides, itineraries, and practical advice for adventurous families.

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