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Tami Belt

Tami Belt

Blue Cube Marketing Solutions

About Tami Belt

Tami Belt is a 2nd generation Las Vegas native, published author, award-winning Public Relations professional and a speaker She’s also a fan of jazz, classic rock and nice people. She wanted to be a rock star when she grew up but couldn't sing on key, so she sings the praises of others.
In 2002 Tami founded Blue Cube Marketing Solutions to transform the way companies approach communication strategy and community engagement. She places clients in the spotlight by equipping them with communication tools to build relationships, spark conversations and help shape their brand.

In November of 2015, Balboa Press published a collection of Tami’s poems in Poetic Justice: Lessons of love, life and relationships. This book represents a 360 moment through sharing part of her story. Tami claims she didn’t write the poems, they wrote her, starting at age 12 when she thought no one was listening or could understand.

Tami believes everyone has a story someone in the world needs to hear for insight, inspiration and know they’re not alone.

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