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Sam Guia


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I am Sam Brake Guia, the podcast host of Brains Byte Back, weekly podcast looking at how our brains, psychology, and society are impacted by the ever-evolving technology that surrounds us, and The Loudspeaker, a podcast focusing on PR advice and tips to help entrepreneurs grow. I work as a content creator and podcast expert for the marketing department of Publicize, a digital PR company, based in Medellin, Colombia, that is on a mission to grow digital communication for startups. It is my job to create audio and video content that captures audiences, explains complex ideas, and above all, is entertaining and informative. I started as a writer at the company but quickly found a passion for audio content, producing podcasts and audio reads. In addition to this, I also produce video content for the company. I am responsible for coming up with ideas and producing video briefs which are executed by our creative department.

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