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Ronni Eisenberg

Ronni Eisenberg

Organize Yourself!

About Ronni Eisenberg

As a pioneer in the field of organization, I’ve written ten books on getting organized, including Organize Yourself which has sold over 1 million copies. For over 40 years I’ve helped millions of people with some of life‘s most overwhelming tasks-from how to find balance in their lives and manage the enormous daily stressors that consume their time, to teaching them how to make the important choices that will add value to their lives and well-being. As a spokesperson for numerous companies, I was able to capitalize on my status as an organizational expert. My book series became the hook that drew audiences and sales. Over the years I’ve made numerous appearances as a motivational speaker, and media contributor. I’ve consulted with corporations and individuals around the country. My work includes home good design and corporate and personal consulting. My focus now is to share my knowledge with others through my blog, The Organizing Confessions. I hope that my experience can provide important insights and teach people lifelong organizational skills and solutions.

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