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Ronika Khanna

Ronika Khanna

Montreal Financial

About Ronika Khanna

My name is Ronika Khanna and I am the founder of Montreal Financial, which provides accounting, tax and financial advisory services to small businesses, startups and freelancers. After having worked as an accounting professional for several companies in Montreal and Bermuda, including PwC and ING, I found that my job satisfaction as an employee working for someone else, despite being paid well, was diminishing,. This led me on the journey to starting my own business which would allow me to interact directly with my client base and ultimately, help them solve their problems. When I left my job, I did not have any clients or prospects, however I did have a financial cushion and a strong motivation to succeed. I also knew that as a CPA, I would likely be able to find another job if my attempts failed. Luckily, after putting in a great deal of effort and learning a lot from my mistakes, I was able to build a successful business.

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