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Rahul Mohanachandran

Rahul Mohanachandran


About Rahul Mohanachandran

My name is Rahul Mohanachandran and I am the Co-Founder of Kasera. Kasera is a furniture discovery platform that helps consumers find the best furniture in the market at the right price, size, and style. I love the entrepreneurial journey and the emotional roller coaster it brings with it, creating products to solve customer problems is something I am passionate about. Even though I started my career in product development since starting Kasera I learned the dark art of marketing and sales. I am a big advocate of data-driven decision making and the need to complement intuition with proof when it comes to business ideas. At Kasera, I lead the team and look after the marketing, sales, and the product side of the business. My day at Kasera includes planning and creating content that is useful for our customers. I also perform 1 to 1 interviews with the customers and learn about their problem and come up with product ideas to solve them.

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