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Philipp Hana

Philipp Hana


About Philipp Hana

Philipp Hana has worked for global companies such as Audi, Adidas and Feadship in their design and marketing departments. Beyond developing innovative marketing campaigns, he worked as a consultant on internal design and creative processes. He was accepted into the Audi Talent Program for exceptional interns and developed the first 3D generated marketing campaign for the Superyachts of Feadship, an LVMH company, which was printed in the world’s most prestigious Superyacht magazine. By founding X10 Design, he currently empowers entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide to own their creative design process to distinguish and level up their brands. Philipp’s vision: By providing entrepreneurs and business owners the right tools and fundamentals of design and branding, they will be able to create their own brand without spending hours for research or hundreds of dollars for mediocre design agencies. Philipp holds a Bachelor’s degree in Design from Nuremberg Tech University and an MBA in International Business and Design Management from EU Business School in Munich and the University of Roehampton in London.

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