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Nancy Liberman

Nancy Liberman


About Nancy Liberman

Nancy Liberman is vice president of marketing for JRNI, a leading SaaS scheduling platform for personalizing and optimizing the customer journey. JRNI facilitates powerful personalized experiences that increase conversion and revenue, customer loyalty, and lifetime value. Forward-thinking executives from companies like U.S. Bank, ANZ, and LEGO rely on JRNI to help them deliver unique, personalized experiences at scale.

In this role, Nancy oversees branding, corporate identity and awareness initiatives, marketing communications and public relations, demand generation and sales support efforts. Having been in the role for just over a year, her proudest accomplishment is the rebranding of BookingBug to JRNI. Prior to JRNI, she held senior marketing positions at EnvoyWorldWide (now part of Nuance), eStara (now part of Oracle) and Dailybreak Media (now called Breaktime Media under its ownership by Connelly Partners).

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