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Naeim Khanjani

Naeim Khanjani


About Naeim Khanjani

Naeim Khanjani is chief executive officer and co-founder of Electo, a civic technology company built to democratize how we get informed. Naeim cameto the United States as a refugee in pursuit of a better, free and resolute life.After experiencing firsthand how difficult it was to stay informed amongst the divisiveness and biases prevalent in the media, Naeim and his wife Soraya founded Electo in 2019. Valuing the precious opportunity of becoming andAmerican, he has put careful thought into every element of Electo to ensure that it would remain unbiased, nonpartisan and easy to use.

Prior to Electo, Naeim worked as a financial consultant in New York, and at a leading think tank based in Washington, DC. Naeim now lives in Washington, DC, where Electo is headquartered.

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