Mike Miller

Mike Miller

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I work exclusively out of a local co-working space. The #1 problem I have is all the events they host. When you visit the space and do the tour, the owner usually schedules the tour during quiet hours. They know you want peace and quiet, so they make sure you get it.

However, many co-working spaces double as event spaces. This means they could have loud parties, or mic’d up presentations, going on constantly. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time concentrating when there’s a bunch of chatter and movement in the background.

Even if you have your own private office, most doors aren’t sound-proof. You’ll probably still be able to hear the ruckus going on outside.

When you check out a co-working space, make sure you double-check their calendar to see how often they host events. This could turn an otherwise awesome co-working space into an absolute nightmare.

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