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Michelle Chu

Michelle Chu

About Michelle Chu

Michelle Chu is the Founder & CEO of Kono’s Kitchen, a brand of freeze-dried raw dog treats. She graduated with a degree in Psychology from UC San Diego. After college, Michelle moved to Beijing for five years and worked in various roles doing social media marketing, PR, and teaching English. After moving back to the States, she taught herself web development and worked her way up to a director-level role at a global digital marketing agency. When she adopted her dog Kono at the end of 2018, Michelle began immersing herself in the world of dog training and nutrition. Her journey as a dog mom led her to putting Kono on a raw diet, and she recognized that other dog parents were interested in doing the same but didn't know where to start. She launched Kono's Kitchen to make raw feeding easier for other dog parents, starting with freeze-dried raw, single-protein treats. Dog rescue is a hugely important cause to Michelle, and 10% of all profits are donated to the medical needs of a featured rescue dog each month.

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