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Lucia Tiffany

Lucia Tiffany

3D Health LLC

About Lucia Tiffany

I am Lucia Tiffany MPH RN, a nurse/health educator and certified coach. I work with women of faith who are struggling with Type 2 diabetes and its precursors (pre diabetes and metabolic syndrome) to help them normalize their blood sugars and reverse their disease using properly implemented lifestyle interventions. In my business, 3-D Health LLC, I use a variety of methods to share these interventions ranging from 1:1 coaching, to online courses with and without group coaching. Community events like plantbased cooking classes with me as The Harvest Cook, have been presented on request nationally and I have also worked internationally. . It has been a blessing to me to be able to work cross culturally using my ability to speak English, Spanish and French and having lived in South America, Europe, and Mali, West Africa. I have appeared on the international Christian TV network, 3 Angels Broadcasting Network, with cooking instruction in all 3 languages. My mother and I co-authored a bilingual (English/Spanish) plant-based cookbook, Flavors of Health, which is in it’s second edition.

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