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Liz Jeneault

Liz Jeneault

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My name is Liz Jeneault and I'm the vice president of marketing for Faveable, a popular beauty, fashion, and lifestyle product review website. I'm also an award-winning former news anchor who spent many years living and working in Austin, Texas, which is exactly why I'm recommending Summer Moon Coffee as an awesome local coffee shop. I've now been with Faveable for over a year. Faveable has a team of writers and researchers who thoroughly go over products in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle niche and provide readers with all they'd ever want to know about those products. Faveable makes it easy for people to find the best possible beauty products out there to use. As the vice president of marketing for Faveable, I work to make sure our website is viewed by as many people as possible. I regularly communicate with companies that send Faveable products for review and also with the publications interested in our product roundups.

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