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Lauren Milligan

Lauren Milligan


About Lauren Milligan

Lauren Milligan is a resume writer and job coach, college instructor, and hobbyist welder.

Lauren has worked with thousands of professionals in all stages of career advancement for the past 18 years. She’s written so many resumes that she often dreams in bullet points. Her clients come to her for resume development, LinkedIn profile creation, networking and interview skills coaching, accountability coaching, and crafting a multi-tier job search campaign. In her own words, “A job search is a lot like chess. You have to know yourself, you have to know the landscape and you have to know your competition. The rest is just wordsmithing.”

Simply put, when it comes to getting your next job, Lauren knows what you need to do to get there.

Lauren leads a multitude of workshops and presentations throughout the Chicagoland area. She belongs to a variety of business groups, enabling her to stay current on what employers are looking for in their candidates. She has contributed to hundreds of career-related features on national media, including ABC News, CNN, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, and others.

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