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Larissa Montecuollo

Larissa Montecuollo


About Larissa Montecuollo

Larissa Montecuollo is an award-winning Creative Director specializing in interactive web and digital design, print media, branded communications, and marketing strategy. For over a decade, she has developed long-standing client relationships which are the foundation for strategic marketing campaigns aimed at improving a company’s business and profitability.. Larissa has broad marketing expertise that includes end-to-end event branding and encompasses website landing pages, direct mail, invitations, signage, and a coordinating digital presence.

Larissa's approach to marketing is client-centric and mission-driven. She is passionate about creating marketing implementation strategies that optimize the user experience while ensuring the organization remains true to its brand identity. As part of on-going campaign development for clients, she works closely with management teams to develop unique corporate messaging and comprehensive branded communications.

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