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Kimberly Dwyer

Kimberly Dwyer

Rocky Mountain Center For Development

About Kimberly Dwyer

Dr. Kimberly Dwyer is a clinical psychologist practicing in suburban
Denver and offering telehealth throughout the state. Working from a
mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral orientation, she excels at the
treatment of anxiety, stress, and managing transitional times. She is
currently the co-owner and co-founder of Rocky Mountain Center for
Development, LLC. Dr. Dwyer also supports mental health providers and and
small business owners to launch, grow, and re-define their businesses and
fine work-life balance using values aligned intentional living. When she's
not at work, you might find her enjoying the beautiful Colorado outdoors
with her husband and three children, playing with her dogs and foster dogs,
on her yoga mat, or with a watercolor brush in hand.

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