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K.J. Kruk

K.J. Kruk

About K.J. Kruk

K.J. Kruk is an award-winning author and illustrator best known for the middle-grade science fiction novel, *Leo Gray and the Lunar Eclipse*. Kruk is also the creator of the Super Stellar Dream Scholarship, an international opportunity for kids to showcase their humanitarian efforts and talents in the Arts and STEM for a chance at financial assistance and show of support to help turn their dreams into a reality. Additionally, Kruk is the founder and chief instructor of TOL Academy, an online learning program to pair with Leo Gray Books that encourages student-driven learning through personalized, interactive lessons and games, promoting a natural joy for reading, high literacy rates, real-life problem solving and social skillsets, all while igniting the power of imagination through the Arts and STEM. For more information on K.J., the scholarship or the academy, visit kjkruk.com, and be sure to follow @krukgalaxy for creative business tips and fun.

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