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Jerome Williams

Jerome Williams

JWorks Studios

About Jerome Williams

Jerome Williams is a business owner, graphic designer, and web developer for JWorks Studios in Dallas. Over the years, his experience and skill set has grown exponentially. He has matured from a simple logo designer to a highly rated and reliable developer, problem solver, and SEO specialist - even boasting a 100% success rate for getting clients on the fabled first page of Google! In addition to his professional chops, he mentors up and coming designers and programmers, letting them learn from his experiences and pick up tricks along the way. Jerome also shares his knowledge and skills on the web by writing tutorials, creating free plugins, and submitting free-to-use stock images and graphics online. Knowing the many pitfalls of running a business, Williams offers up words of wisdom for others looking to forge their own paths in business by participating in think tanks, writing guest

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